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    Many thanks for these brilliant lectures. I have been studying one per evening and am finding ACCA brilliant (this is my first module) thanks to your website.

    A quick question, was example 3 of chapter 7 covering price elasticity of demand omitted from your lecture? I haven’t taken any notes on it. Probably my mistake!

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the lecture. However, I have an issue. Going with the TR equation of TR = (A-BQ)Q, slotting in the figure of 57500 for quantity as derived, a as 120 and solving , we do not get the correct TR. Why is it so

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    Good Day John,

    Must say that i am happy to be back with you again. I was successful in F2 thanks to opentuition.

    However, I am very confused with how we get the Marginal Revenue. (I did not do differentiate)

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    Great lecture as always! .
    Sir i have a question. How do you see the usefulness of the price-demand equations as regards to the pricing strategies in theory and real life ?.

    Cheers : )

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