1. avatar says

    I have a question in relation to an exercise about this topic, operating and planning variances. I hope you can help me.
    The exercise is called “crumbly cackes” from BPP practise book (exam 6/9 amended)
    It requieres us to calculate total cost planning and operational variances. There is a budgeted production and sales of 50000 and an actual production and sales for 60000. When they work out the planning variance the use the the actual level of production instead the budgeted. Is that right? There are no revised level of production/sales.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

      • Avatar of John Moffat says

        The problem is that there is more than one way of doing the calculations, and they give different answers!!

        The way that all the Study Texts do it (and our Course Notes and lectures, and the examiners own answer to Crumbly Cakes do it!), is to use the actual production throughout the calculations. This is the most sensible way (and you are right – it is because effectively the budget has been flexed if we were doing a full operating statement).

        The new examiner has set this topic once (in December 2012) – the question was called Truffle – and she did it a different (less sensible way). However she did say that the other way (the way that everyone else does it!) would get full marks.

        If you want to see the answer to Truffle done the standard way, then I have recorded a lecture on it which you can find on the main F5 page.

  2. Avatar of Mahoysam says

    So, say I got a question on planning and operational variances and I was asked to prepare an operating statement, will I start the operating statement by putting the original budget, planning variance and then the revised profit. then when we come to list the costs we will include the sales volume and price variances with the costs? I know my question is similar to fabiangrey’s question but I do apologise as I didn’t get your answer much.

    My point is that usually we start the operating statement with the original budget profit, sales volume variance and then sales price variance, here we started it differently, is this another form of operating statement for operational and planning variances and do I need to learn how to produce that? Thanks a lot.

      • Avatar of Mahoysam says

        Oh, it is because in my revision kit I had questions asking me to produce an operating statement (in basic variances section), but anyways, since I know how to produce full one, I can produce the extracts.

        Thanks a lot Mr John.

    • Avatar of John Moffat says

      Yes. All the operational variances are exactly as normal except you are comparing actual with revised standards (or with original if they were not revised).

      The examiner will not set a full operating statement but she can ask any of the individual variances that would appear in the operating statement.

  3. Avatar of fabiangrey says

    Please explain how you reached the Price Variance of 600(A)?
    You calculated it as:
    (81,000 – (5,100 x 16))
    = 600(A)

    From my understanding Price Variance is calculated like so:
    (Actual Selling Price – Standard Selling Price) x Actual Sales
    (15.88 – 16) x 81,000
    = 9,529(A) ?

    Please let me know as I’m very confused now :$

    • Avatar of John Moffat says

      @kgurley, The original budget profit is 23,000, but the original budget contribution is 43,000.
      If you watch the answer (or look at the back of the course notes at the answer) you will see that the answer starts with the budget contribution and reconciles to the actual contribution, and then subtracts the fixed overheads.
      This is a perfectly acceptable layout.

  4. Avatar of Et says

    @fotini, As danozo explains it below he lecturer may hae picked $20,000 by mistake and carried on using this wrong figure. But if you check the answer at the back of the course note the budgeted figure of $ 23,000 is used and the planning variance is $5830A not & $2830A.

    Good Luck on your Exam/s.

  5. Avatar of danozo says

    The figure for the revision variance should have been $5830 A and not $2830 A. The lecturer mistakenly picked $20,000 as the figure for the original budget profit instead of $23,000, culminating in a difference of $2830 A.
    The operating statement should have read:
    Original Budget profit 23000
    Planning variance 5830 (A)
    Revised Budget profit 17170

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