1. avatar says

    This is probably a silly question, I’m possibly missing something … but why do we need to do the graph? Why can we not just use the equations to determine the optimum solution?

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      No you can’t (and I do explain why not in the lecture).

      If there are three (or more) constraints, then solving the equations for 2 of them at a time will not tell you whether or not they are inside or outside the other constraints.

      In addition, the examiner specifically tests you on whether or not you understand the graph – sometimes you have been asked to draw the graph, and on other occasions you have been given the graph. In either case, simply solving equations would not be doing what was required.

      • avatar says

        Oh I see, thank you. And my apologies for asking something you answered in the lecture. So much information to try and retain!

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