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    Its really helpful and many thanks to open tuition. Honestly i was confused in class but after this great lecture, my mind is clear. God bless U(contents to the Lecturer). What’s the name of the lecturer?

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    It is as gold for all business student. i have to be much interested in on line lectures. it is more helpful for all business student.i am most thankful for all ope tuition .com management.

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    Hi there, this was helpful, however i am confused as to how 2 of the figures were calculated. They are:
    $152.50 for labour
    $22.50 for materials
    I can’t see how were these figures calculated. Could anyone help?
    Thank you

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      HI MAN !

      5s=181 – (6*4.75)
      5s= 152.5
      s=152.5/5 = 30.5.


      5s + 10e = 202.5
      (5s)+(6e)= (180)
      0 + 4e = 22.5
      e = 22.5/4 = 5.625.

      hope it s not too late

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