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    Hi Andreia

    I am afraid, we do not know what site it was, many adverts are on the site without our control, they come from google network.

    All I can suggest is for you to look in your browser history
    and if you did not clear it, it should be still there :)

  2. avatar says

    First of all thank you for the great help for F5 in the december 2010 session. I have a very strange question I know, but I hope you could answer – while studying, in November you had a banner on your website advertising some brand-like purses, which to be honest made me waste some 30 minutes study time :) I haven’t added it to favourites and I can’t remember which site it was – could you please help? I feel like rewarding myself after all the hard study,

    Thank you and sorry for the strange question again,

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