F5 Past ACCA Exam Question 1 June 2009 Exams “Yam”

F5 Revision lectures


  1. Profile photo of Gabriel says

    Dear Mr. John,

    Thanks for your lecture. I wanted to ask that let’s say that in part (a), I have identified stretching as the bottleneck resource during my attempt, but my TPAR calculations are very correct according to my bottleneck resource then will I be awarded the full 8 marks available in part (b)?

      • Profile photo of Gabriel says

        In question C, it says “explain how the TPAR could be improved, so do we need to just list 4 points to earn the four marks or could we also state 2 points and explain them well to get the four marks? Please advise. Thanks.

      • Profile photo of John Moffat says

        There is no firm rule for F5 as to whether it is 1 mark per point or 2 marks per point.
        In this question the markers were told to give one mark for each point, and so 2 points would get 2 marks. (If you look at the marking schemes at the end of the examiners answers then you will see how the marks are given for every question).

  2. avatar says

    hello admin you are doing a very good job. when will u launch more lecturers of revision kit as these lectures are very good but i want to ask that will u share some more lectures of past exam papers for the attempt of june 2012

  3. avatar says

    Hi Admin ,I am a new user of Opentuition .At this pointing time while the exam is just one day away I feel that I am all over the place on my revision . If?….. yes if I needed to go through the notes and lectures again….uuuuhhh my heart is betting ….boom boom. Would all the lectures an the notes be accessible after the June exam times?


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