ACCA F5 Revision Lecture Relevant costing (Past Exam Question 4 Dec 2007)

F5 Revision lectures


    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      Of course the marking scheme is not wrong!!!

      However the marking scheme does not have $100 in it.

      The examiners answer does use $100, but there are several ways of approaching it – the final answer is the same.
      There are many questions where the answer can be arrived at in more than one way. You get the marks for approaching it correctly, not for setting it out in exactly the same way as the examiner.

  1. Profile photo of Gabriel says

    this examiner must have been crazy to set a question like this style for the students in the exam. This question is ridiculous. Ann, in Dec 2011, certainly set a better question than this on relevant costing.

  2. Profile photo of Mahoysam says

    OMG! I am surprised to see you saying that about this question… Just yesterday as I was attempting relevant costing questions “I think it is a hard topic when it comes to exam questions” I came across this question in my revision kit and I actually skipped it without attempting because I got frustrated when I started reading!!!!! Now I am sure that if it appeared to me in an exam situation I wouldn’t have skipped it like this, I would have tried a little bit, but it is ironic how I had the same attitude you described about just skipping the question..!

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