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      If you work through the lectures with the course notes, then you do not really need the Study Text.

      What you do need though is a Revision/Exam Kit from one of the approved publishers, because they contain lots of exam standard questions and practice on questions is vital.

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      You do not really need a Study Text – if you are fully confident of what is covered in the lectures and the course notes that go with them, then that is enough.

      However, you do need a Revision / Exam Kit from one of the approved publishers. They contain lots of exam-standard questions to practice on, and practice at questions is vital.

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    Of course :-)

    The Course Notes say on them ‘December 2014’.

    The syllabus for Paper F5 does not change for December. The format/layout of the exam will be different and so this Introduction lecture will be changed slightly – a new one will be uploaded in the next few weeks – but otherwise the lectures are all valid for December.

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      The syllabus has not changed and so the lectures are still valid for December.

      The only lecture that will change is this Introductory Lecture to reflect the change in the format of the exam – this will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

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        Best now is to go through the past exam questions for the last 3 years (but not much time on last December’s exam).

        In particular look at the written parts – 50% of the exam will be writing – and learn from the examiners answers (and look at the marking guide at the end of the answers to see which points were getting marks).

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    Part b of this question is a bit confusing. This is the basic earnings per share capculation. For the 01.04.11 the number of share figure shouldnt it be 75000 and the shares for the 01.01.12 be 15000 which gives the total shares at end of financial year 90000 which is the same in the trial balance ($45000/.50). Please help

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    Hi, I have provisionally been exempted from F1-F4… Im planning to write F5 and F6 in Dec 2014. I am yet to claim the exemptions, But Im struggling to decide. If I claim exemption will I still need to study some of the notes and lectures for F2 and to pass the Paper F5 Exams?

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      In December the format does change – part of the exam will be multiple choice questions and part will be full questions. You can fine a specimen paper on the ACCA website.

      However the syllabus is not changing and so you can start studying using our existing Course Notes and lectures.

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        thank you very much for the clarity i thought the syllabus was also changing will sure look for the specimen

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    Hi Sir, for the exams, our copies are scanned and sent for marking. So e.g in a linear programming question, when we plot the graph on the graph paper, we use pencil or pen? I recently watched a webinar on exam technique for F7 and the tutor said not to use pencil. Thanks

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    First Off thank you to the OT team for doing such an excellent job with the lectures and to think that they are free this is a God sent. I am now understanding topics so clearly and feel more confident now going to the exam. I only recently started studying F5 and hoping to write exams in December 2013 along with F2 with your resources I Know i will make it through .

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