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      It would take you less than two minutes to read the rest of this thread. What you will get from that two minutes is the clear message that your question should be on the Ask the Tutor page

      When you look at F4 Ask the Tutor page and start reading down the subject headings for the many posts, it won’t take you long to find a post where the subject could possibly be interpreted as being similar to your question.

      Try that and see if you can find my response there that would apply to your question

      Incidentally, unless your future posts relate specifically to the lecture that you have just watched, your questions would be better posted on Ask the Tutor.

      I rarely look at “recent posts” so it’s quite likely that I will miss your question if it’s there. However, I look daily and frequently at Ask the Tutor and will always reply

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    Hi All,

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    Sir could u please explain
    •One person business
    •Sole control/responsibility
    •Few formalities
    •Personal liability for business debts, etc

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      Hi Angel

      Mine is a one-person business. I am not employed by anyone, I am an independent freelance lecturer so I am self-employed

      I have sole control over what I do, and when, and for whom

      I am therefore also solely responsible for my actions.

      I have few formalities with reference to the running of my business – I don’t have order forms nor purchase requisitions, goods received notes nor meetings with agendas, I have no shareholders to whom I would be responsible and I don’t maintain statutory registers.

      But if my business incurs a debt and doesn’t pay it (because I realize that there is no money in the business bank account) then I am personally liable and should settle the debt from my own private bank account


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    Hi sir could you please explain :
    •Four types of association for running a business

    –A sole trader

    –An ordinary partnership,

    –A limited liability partnership

    –An incorporated company

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    What are units 1 and 2 about? Global or English?

    Whatever, there are no plans to record any more within the immediate future.

    Clearly, should you come across something about which you are confused or you don’t understand, then post your question.

    But if you want an answer from me, then post your question on the Ask the Tutor page

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