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    Hi Mike,

    1. please are there any lectures available for chapter 1 and 2? if so, please where can i access them and if not, why?

    2. I cant seem to be able to download the cases for f4. it is showing as a picture file and i cannot see them.

    Please help.

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      Hi, I don’t think there are any lectures for chapters 1 and 2. If there are, then they are already up on site.

      This recent change in exam structure is making things a little difficult – at least for me if not for students!

      Whereas previously there could be two or even three questions based on an existing case scenario, now with multi-choice questions it’s difficult to see how that can continue and I can quite easily see that, to be able to pass this exam, all you’ll need is a good memory of cold unemotive facts rather than an imagination that could see two people fighting in a court of law

      As for downloading the cases, are they not included as supplements at the end of the course notes?

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      I have never ever in my life been so enchanted by a teacher/narrator/prof. or as a matter of fact by any actor as much as I have been by you. It is required that I mention that I’am interested in the accounting and legislative aspects of the business but you sir are extremely good at teaching. I wanted to go round the world before I die, now I also would like to spend some time in your vicinity given the opportunity. Not for a single moment did I happen to distract my attention. For you, “Excellent” is an understatement!!!!! Thank you for being there for us…

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    hi please what must I do to listen to this lecture as I do with other cause the hole paper F4 lecture is not clear I mean is impossible to hear what the tutor is saying , I will also need an advice please which book between the English and the global one is more appropriate and practise for this paper thanks

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      Hi Sandrine

      I’m sorry that you cannot hear what I am saying in the lectures – that’s thankfully a rare comment. I’m not sure what to suggest – maybe moving to a quieter environment or turning the volume up or both?

      The lectures do quite closely follow the course notes so you should be able to get some idea of what I’m talking about if you have the course notes open and you follow through as I’m lecturing

      As for a text book, I’m not going to recommend any book as being preferable to any other. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference

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    hi please what must I do to listen to this lecture cause the hole paper F4 is not clear I mean I really can’t hear what the lecturer is saying and it ‘s only with this paper and please I will like you to advice me for the book which one is more practise for this paper is it the global book or the English one thanks

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    Sir, I have a small question. If the first reading occurs at the house of commons for example, does the second one take place at the house of lords alone or can both the readings happen in the same house?

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    Not too long ago, I was convinced I could never see F4 in a good light. Thanks to the man behind this lecture, I might have to reconsider my perspective. Also, these notes are really spot on.

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    @MikeLittle and @admin
    Thanks for such a helpful lecture, to begin with. I have been trying to edit the course notes so as to add the names of cases in the tables provided but the document seems to be secured with a password. Nitro PDF reader won’t allow me to add or edit the document or convert it to Word for editing, for that matter.
    Would it be possible for you to disclose it or do I need to work around remembering names in some other fashion?
    Kind Regards.

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