1. avatarleena says

    hey sir. hope you’re fine. i wanted to ask if all lectures from this chapter 9 lecture of partnership are valid for the global variant?

  2. avatar says

    fantastic explanations and really useful lectures. thank you so much mike you are doing a great service for students.

    i cannot see any lectures for employment law is that not covered in these video lectures ?

    thanks again


    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @sereyrath, employment law often has a question in F4 English. May I suggest that you read the questions and answers to each of the employment law questions from the last 5 years. If you can get on top of those 10 (ish ) questions, you should find that you are capable of answering any but the most extreme questions that David Kelly could set. Try it and, if you still have a problem, post your question in the “Ask the tutor” page on this site

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