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      In the BPP text?

      There are no recorded lectures on employment law. If you look through past exams from December 2007 and read the questions and answers on employment law, that should be enough for you. Seriously!

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      NO!!!! The final element of the 5 things necessary to prove if you are to be successful in a legal action in tort – the financial loss suffered (point #4) must be entirely attributable to reliance (point #3) on the negligently made statement and due to no other cause. Jeb lost 65,000 GBP. Was that 65,000 loss entirely due to reliance on the negligent audit opinion? No – they were already committed to 40,000 payment so 65,000 was not entirely attributable ……

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        To be successful in your claim for negligence it is necessary to show that the ENTIRE loss was as a result of placing reliance on the negligent statement.

        Don’t ask me about the logic! Don’t complain to me that it’s not fair! That’s the way it is!

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    Your brilliant mike an enormous Godzilla of knowledge.
    in the bpp book it says a plaintiff as a claimant are they both right?
    Under the new exam set up of F4 how important is in knowing the cases?
    Thanks so much

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      Hi, claimant and plaintiff are the same thing.

      Any importance that there was is no longer applicable.

      It’s just that the stories are so much fun! Ad they help to establish – illustrate the principle of law

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    When i see or notice something good, i very rarely fail to mention it. Initially I had mainly watched John moffat’s lectures and esteemed them highly; now, more recently, I’ve been watching Mike Little’s tuition as well (as they are the two papers i am currently sitting) and I must say that an excellent streak does run in opentuition tutors’ veins. Many thanks for this great lecture

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