1. avatar says

    please any one can tell me if it is necessary to complete professional ethics module to convert from FIA suite to ACCA qualification.
    I have passed my FIA papers but still not converted to ACCA.Please guide me what to do next………….?

  2. Profile photo of avfcphill says

    In the case involving United Dairies,
    If the farmer had not of stopped the horse.
    Could he have sued United Dairies for damages involving the loss of profits ? if crops were destroyed by the runaway horse ?


    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @avfcphill, Yes, in Cutler v United Dairies, I believe that the farmer could have (not “could of”!) claimed damages in respect of his destroyed crops. In fact, he MAY have done – it’s just that I don’t know whether he did or not. The point about the case, as you are no doubt aware, was that saving crops from damage caused by a crazy horse does NOT count as an act of heroism

      • Profile photo of avfcphill says

        @MikeLittle, Thank You for your answer,
        and yes i was aware of the point the case was making,
        however, my curiosity got the best of me :p

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @latoyah, Yes! And even native English speakers feel the same – but imagine what it’s like for those students who are NOT natural English speakers. It must be like learning a foreign language taught to them in a third foreign language!

      I have nothing but 100% admiration for those students

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