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      To my knowledge, there is no English variant nor Global variant for P4!

      In fact, the only paper where there IS an English variant is F4, so I’ll answer this post as though you were asking about F4

      Well, I say I’ll answer it, but it’s impossible without knowing your personal circumstances and your aspirations.

      Do you live in England? Do you intend always to live in England? Are you hoping to practice as an auditor in England?

      Or do you not live, nor intend to live / work in England?

      If England is your home / destination / desire, then opt for English variant

      If not, well, the choice is totally yours – English law will (probably) be as much use to you overseas as the Global variant.

      Sorry not to be able to be more definitive :-(

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    Sir Mike

    Can you please tell me what is the minimum number of member a public company must have?
    And if a public company can be an unlimited liability company?

    Thank you for your usual quick response..

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      No, the lectures are for English Law. However, there is an overlap between global and English by 50% – 60% so these lectures are still good for you.

      In addition there is a separate set of course notes which are exactly the same from Global chapter on Agency onwards


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      Wher, for example, a person is induced into a contract by another person’s misrepresentation, and the innocent party subsequently finds out, they may ask the Court for an order of rescission effectively restoring the two parties to their original pre-contractual position


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      Hi Zanele – may I make a suggestion to you? How about you downloading the syllabus for the Zimbabwean F4 exam and the syllabus for the Global F4 exam and then put them side by side and compare the two.

      If by chance there seems to be quite a few differences, download the syllabus for the English F4 exam and compare that with the Zimbabwean syllabus.

      You could even do the same exercise but using, for example, December 2012 exams or June 2013 exams

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    what i meant to say is after the exams will these lectures still be available because you see am writing my country’s law but its very similar to the uk law i have been using these lectures but the problem is am writing the exam on the 20th after the acca f4, and i still wanted to continue watching before my 20th exam, please help

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