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    Dear Sir
    Trust you have been well.
    I cant seems to find the notes for this topic on course notes for Global variant
    In fact Chapter 5 ”Common Law” and chapter 6 ”Law of Tort” are not part of Global variant notes

    Further more, what about the lectures for the below topics found in Global Variant, are they meant for self reading?

    1. Sharia law
    2. Market, planned and mixed economies 6
    3. International organisations 8
    4. International Court of Arbitration 18
    5. UNCISG 27
    6. International Sale Of Goods Contracts – The Seller’s Obligations 35
    7. Rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller 43
    8. When does risk pass from the seller to the buyer? 53
    9. Documents found in international trade

    Kind regards


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        There are multiple posts asking this same question and I have answered many of them.

        A brief search through previous posts will quickly reveal that here are no video recordings for the first 10 chapters of the global F4 notes.

        It is planned to do some in the future but these will not be done in time for September and probably not even for December

        However, you are always welcome to post any questions that you may have about these chapters on the Ask the Tutor page and I shall get back to you

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