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      Yes, both of those but also any distributable reserve like retained earnings, general reserve or plant replacement reserve.

      In order of preference the first reserve to be used would be the capital redemption reserve followed by the share premium account. After that, any of the distributable (revenue) reserves

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      I would agree with you! Have you thought about reading a study text? Or the answers to past exam questions? The notes are called “course notes” for a reason – they are the notes we use on courses. They have never been claimed to be a substitute for a study text. In fact, how could they be? Look at the font, the number of pages, the number of proper sentences / paragraphs in the course notes and compare with the study texts of household name tuition providers.

      Please, let me apologise if the notes are not comprehensive and I can interpret that you are clearly disappointed.

      And good luck next Monday :-)

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        I really do appreciate your efforts for helping all the ACCA students. And thanks for clearing my doubt. As I still have time to go through past papers and text for more details.

        But can you please guide me how many past papers I should go through as few of my mates were suggesting me to have a look of last 6 session papers.

        What would be your advice on it?


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        My advice, if you were determined to restrict yourself to just 6 past exams, would be to take the 6 starting with December 2007 and work forwards through 2008, 2009 and half way through 2010.

        Quite honestly, the more you read the answers, and the more frequently you read them, the easier the whole subject becomes

        My advice? Read, read and read again the printed solutions starting at answer 1 and working your way through a revision kit / exam kit

        As often as you can in the next 5 days

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        I will remember it lot better when you talk through it though! U make it sound really exciting Mike!
        I bore my husband to death every night when he gets in from work about cases i’ve learnt in the day! He is a builder and has no interest in it whatsoever!!! :-)

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