F4 Revision Test (ENG)

Please take ACCA F4 Revision Test

To complete the quiz you must answer all 20 questions, then you will be shown the results and the correct answers.

(This quiz selects 20 questions at random from the bank of over 100 questions, so do try the test again)

1. To be classed as an independent contractor much depends on three tests. Which test is NOT one of them?


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2. Is summary dismissal ever justified?


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3. When an employee is dismissed not for a statutory reason nor for a fair reason, this would be classified as what type of dismissal?


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4. Is it always true that a company exists from the date which is shown on the certificate of incorporation?


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5. In a “contract for services” the contracted person is:


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6. Is this statement true? In company law, when the Chief Executive Officer dies, the company ceases to exist until a replacement CEO is appointed.


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7. In a “contract of service” the contracted person is:


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8. What sort of remedy is “action of price”?


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9. Is this statement always true? “When a partner in a traditional partnership dies, the partnership is automatically ended”


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10. Is this statement true? “An alteration to the Articles allowing a majority to acquire compulsorily the shares of a minority has been shown not to be for the benefit of the company as a whole”.


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11. Is this statement true? “Special notice is required of an ordinary resolution in the event that a director is to be removed from office”


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12. Is this statement true? “It is an offence for a person who is an “insider” to use inside knowledge about a company and avoid buying shares in the company where they fear the price of the company’s shares will fall.”


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13. What is the minimum number of members required in a private company?


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14. Within how many days must a copy of a special resolution be filed with the Registrar of Companies after being passed at a general meeting of a company?


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15. Is that statement true? The acts of a partner done in the course of the firm’s business do not bind the firm. Only the individual partner is liable”


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16. In a case where the plaintiff is referred to as “R”, who is “R”? (eg R v Clark)


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17. Is that statement true? “A person becomes a member of a company when they have successfully bought shares in the company”


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18. Is it always true that once a company has been incorporated it has a separate legal identity?


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19. In order that a company may reduce its share capital, it requires three authorities. Which one below is NOT one of them?


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20. “Overruling” an earlier decision means what?


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      • avatar says

        @MikeLittle, its fun learning the terms and all but hte closer i get to the exam the more i get uncertain of all i know. Plus the fact that it is a written paper
        Mike i am sure you will be with me in the exam when panic strikes since i listen to all the lectures at least twice.

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        @latoyah, I’ll be there with all of you – you can’t really expect personal attention can you – that would be unfair on the others. But, yes, I’ll be with you, reminding you to plan your answers properly and to stick to your time allocation and to make an attempt at every answer even though you may think you know nothing about the topic.

        Yes, rely on it, I’ll be with you

      • Profile photo of hamzaharoon says

        @MikeLittle, you don’t know sir that How much motivating are you for us………….and by saying all these words it gives me a great boost of confidence! Thanks sir so nice of you May You live a very happy and good Life

  1. avatar says

    The MCQs are excellent. I must say, I am impress with this facility offered for students studying for ACCA qualifications. I hope that more were available. GOOD LUCK TO ALL FOR THE 2012 EXAMS!!

  2. Profile photo of hamzaharoon says

    Hi admin, It seems funny that When I pass the test below 100%, It shows obtained grade as “Pass” and when I clear it with 100% then it shows the obtained grade as “None”, is it a bug or an strategy so students make more efforts for their exams when they see their grade awful? :D

      • Profile photo of hamzaharoon says

        @feiza1, Thanks, Masha’allah because of them I prepared well now, but still the fear lurks within my veins because its not my favourite subject and difficult one up till now, But Still confident and praying that May Allah(S.W.T) guide us all and help us to pass each and every exam of life and May Opentution team also get every success in Life, Ameen

      • Profile photo of feiza1 says

        @hamzaharoon, i 2 itsnt ma favarite i hate law bcoz of the case n fathamore it dont hv calculation, i wz 2 do it on june bt postpond it, i ve decided 2 do it in dec coz cnt b optd in ob degree prior 2 pas’n f4, its so stresy i pray 2 allah 2 mk us pas dis test, ameen.

      • Profile photo of hamzaharoon says

        @feiza1, Insha’allah we will pass, I also don’t like it because of cases but at the same time cases are substantial help to understand relevant laws, Lets hope for the best, Its my first attempt of F4 and I pray it will also be last but in a positive way, Like we pass :)

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