F4 Revision Test (ENG)

Please take ACCA F4 Revision Test

To complete the quiz you must answer all 20 questions, then you will be shown the results and the correct answers.

(This quiz selects 20 questions at random from the bank of over 100 questions, so do try the test again)

1. Is this statement true? “The entry to balance the cash received on the event of a bonus issue of shares is to a combination of the share capital account and the share premium account”


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2. Is this statement true? “On a liquidation, all debenture holders are paid in priority to the members.”


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3. Is it always true that as soon as a company has been incorporated it may commence trading?


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4. What’s another word commonly used to express “apparent” as in “apparent authority”?

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5. What majority voting in favour is required to pass a special resolution?


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6. Complete the sentence “The duties owed by a promoter are collectively known as ***** duties”

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7. Is this statement true? “Where a private company wishes to appoint a company secretary, that appointee should, by law, be appropriately qualified”


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8. Is it always true that a company exists from the date which is shown on the certificate of incorporation?


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9. Is this statement true? “On a liquidation, the floating charge debenture holders are paid in priority to all others.  Their claim “floats” to the top of those people who are owed by the company”


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10. Is this statement true? “At a general meeting of the company, the debenture holders’ votes are counted before those of the equity shareholders”


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11. What is the minimum number of directors required in a public company?


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12. Is it possible that a partnership may be deemed by the Court to exist even though the two people involved have never spoken to each other?


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13. In the definition of a contract, the word “agreement” can be divided into two distinct elements. What are those elements?


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14. Which of the three is NOT a division of the High Court


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15. If pre-tax profit is $40,000, post-tax profit is $36,000, and there are 10,000 50 cent 6% preference shares in issue, how much is the preference share dividend for the year?


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16. What is the minimum number of directors required in a private company?


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17. Is a joint venture arrangement classed as a partnership?


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18. Is this statement always true? “When a partner in a traditional partnership dies, the partnership is automatically ended”


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19. When an employee is dismissed in breach of contract and, as a result, they have suffered loss, this is classified as what type of dismissal?


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20. Is this statement true? “A public company must have an appropriately qualified company secretary”


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