F4 Revision Test (ENG)

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To complete the quiz you must answer all 20 questions, then you will be shown the results and the correct answers.

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1. Is that statement true? “One of the limited uses of the share premium account is to finance the issue of partly paid bonus shares to existing members”.


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2. A 4% preference share is entitled to


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3. In a situation where the Court is faced with having to interpret statute, the Court will apply the Golden Rule if the application of the Literal Rule would lead to *****.   What is *****?

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4. Is it always true that a company exists from the date which is shown on the certificate of incorporation?


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5. What is the meaning of “ratio decidendi”?


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6. What is the highest court in the English legal system?


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7. What is the translation of “quantum meruit?


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8. What sort of remedy is “rectification”?


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9. What principle could be described as “The cornerstone of English Law”?


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10. What sort of remedy is “damages”?


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11. “Insanity of a partner is an automatic ground for the dissolution of a partnership”. Is this statement true?


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12. Is that statement true? “A person becomes a member of a company when they have successfully bought shares in the company”


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13. Is this statement true? “An alteration to the Articles allowing a majority to acquire compulsorily the shares of a minority has been shown not to be for the benefit of the company as a whole”.


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14. Is this statement true? “The duty of care owed by accountants is greater when advising on take-overs than when auditing”.


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15. When an employee is dismissed not for a statutory reason nor for a fair reason, this would be classified as what type of dismissal?


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16. “Overruling” an earlier decision means what?


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17. “Participation in an unofficial industrial action is not an automatically fair reason for dismissal”. Is that statement true?


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18. Is this statement true? “On a liquidation, all debenture holders are paid in priority to the members.”


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19. Is this statement true? “Special notice is required of an ordinary resolution in the event that a director is to be removed from office”


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20. Where a person has, historically, been allowed to act as though they were a Chief Executive Officer, the other directors would be **** from denying that title. Complete the gap

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