ACCA F4 Key to success

Nature of the ACCA F4 paper

ACCA F4 Paper – Corporate and Business Law – aims to develop an understanding of
the workings of a legal system with particular reference to the law relating to business.

It is worth remembering that this is a law exam for accountants – it is NOT
a law exam for lawyers. As such, it is intended to prepare students so they
may recognise situations where specialist legal advice should be sought.

Structure of the ACCA F4 paper

There are 10 questions of 10 marks each – all of which are compulsory.
There is 3 hours for the exam plus 15 minutes of reading time.

Questions 1 to 7 are knowledge based and not unusually may be split into 2, 3 or even 4 parts.

Questions 8, 9 and 10 are scenario based and require the application of legal principles to practical situations.

Emphasis of the ACCA F4 exam

Major areas covered in exams are administration as an alternative dispute remedy, sale of goods law and company law. Typically 5 or 6 questions in each exam are from these 3 areas.

In the scenario questions, the examiner is looking for a student’s ability to establish the area of law involved, analyse the problem, identify the general principles of law relevant to the question and then apply those principles to the situation in the question, often with the requirement of giving advice to one or more of the parties involved.

How to pass ACCA F4 exam

Use the OpenTuition ACCA F4 lectures together with the ACCA F4 course notes. Try to read a
study text, at least once, but don’t try to continue in any one session once your mind has started wandering. Do something else!

Practice as many past F4 exam questions as you can.

Just occasionally the examiner asks a question which involves simple arithmetic calculations so don’t forget to take your calculator into the exam room.

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