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    thinking of doing f4 from start to finish in 10 days. Is their a need to remember case names or just the principle and the scenario.
    should i spend more time on business law or contract law

  2. avatar says

    Hi Mike in the case of Spellman V Spellman,
    Today once married without a prenuptial agreement, the wife would have a legal right to half of the assets right. I know this is an older case , I just want to confirm what would be applicable today.

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    Hi Mike,

    I would like to thank you for your lectures that makes my studies a lot easier.

    I am a bit lost on commercial arrangements. Could you explain me express exclusion – binding in honour only please.

    Thank you.

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    lol its feels so good to hear a sri lankan related case lol felt so happyy 😀 haha
    im a Sri Lankan and it does not rain every evenings.! 😛

    anyway mikey wanted to ask if husband and wife get separated den dey are not treated as one.. so isnt it d resposnsibility of the husaband anyway to gv her 10 pounds or compensation?

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      Sakina, we’re talking here of a case that was in Court many years before the concept of support by the ex for his / her former spouse. The point at issue is the principle that when a married couple separates they are treated as two separate people but if an agreement were made before they separated, that would be presumed to be made not intending to create legal relations

      But, whilst you’re on, tell me, did England really beat you in the third one-day international yesterday? That surely cannot be true!


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        Well actually.. i really dnt wanna start on how successful we have been on d winning rate 😛
        but i will let u enjoy ur moment sir and not burst ur bubble.. as we are still leading d series 2-1 😛

        yeaaay yeaaay yeaay!

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    hello, in previous lecture it has been said that the payment of the lower amount earlier can give the discharge from the debt, if the person or company get the benefot of it? so in the case of builders, didnt they get the benefit? they had the money and get back to business?

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      @muska7, there wasnt any benefits for the builders brothers, she has to pay it at the end anyway, but made a part payment in cash and she thought that she can get away with it instead of paying full payment in chaque….

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