1. Profile photo of vashti says

    I wish i had these kinds of lectures here in my country, there r so helpful. ..
    I use the Bpp text and most if the time I dont even understand what I read.
    So thank you mr Mike for thses lecture s

  2. avatar says

    hii sir,
    do we have to remember and learn the case and their names(for eg.dodds and dickinson and the case interpretation) for the exam or are they there for us to better understand?
    thanks in advance

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      They are there for your better appreciation of the wonderful world of English F4!

      Don’t worry about case names and certainly don’t worry about case years
      Just concentrate on the principles that the case established (or in some cases, confirmed)

      And keep posting your questions when you encounter a problem :-)

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    hii sir,
    do we have to learn and remember all the cases and their names( for eg.dodds and dickson and the case interpretation) for the exam or are they just there for us to understand better?
    thanks in advance!!

  4. avatar says

    is reading the lecture notes and watching these videos enough or one will require to read the study text.

    coz when i try reading and studying each chapter of a study text it takes me atleast 5-6 hours each chapter.

    so please advise if these notes are enough to pass ?

    • avatar says

      You’ve slightly misunderstood the problem here. It is supposed here that Intention to create legal relations and consideration are both present in this case. The problem here is regarding revocation of offer. Since revocation of offer does not happen until it received by the offeree (to whom offer was sent), therefore in this case the offer is still alive when the offeree accepts it on 15.10 and therefore agreement is reached and contract is done. The revocation of offer received on 20.10 therefore has no value because it did not reach to the oferee before he decided to accept his offer.

  5. avatar says

    Hi Mike, thanks for your lectures.
    I have one thing not clear hope you can help. you said offer will not exist when acceptance, then how do I have understand “the offer must still be open at the time of acceptance”

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        @sunnyenen, You’re welcome – good to know that you students do continue to think about your problems sometimes and work out the answer for yourselves. But still, it’s better to ask if you’re not sure. You can always do what Sunnyenen has done and post again if you work it out.

        We’re here to help so, if it’s help you need, then post!


  6. avatar says

    Mike you are fantastic! I can remember all these cases from your stories and can hear your voice in my head when revising! I’m not bothering with BPP lectures anymore, you make so much more sense and explain things at a pace that I can keep up with!

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