1. Profile photo of latoyah says

    ‘Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a handmade Persian antique rug for only £1,500 – cash only. This is a serious
    offer – the rug will go to the first person who accepts it – offer valid for one day only – today Saturday.’

    is this an offer or a invitation to treat?

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        No – this is an exception. The words “This is a serious offer” makes it an offer. It’s not the same as Partridge v Crittenden. There the issue was “Is an advert an offer for sale if it says “Offered for sale” and the Court said “No, it’s an advert and adverts are invitations” But with the Persian rug, the seller clearly says “This is a serious offer, valid for one day only” thereby making it an offer and not an invitation.

        Sorry Nicouzumaki :-(

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