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    I passed F4 with the help of these video lectures in just a month and half. Literally, when i was sitting the exam, i had forgotten most names for the cases and if I had read the new syllabus could have attempted the last question too, but still I was shocked when i saw my results. Mike’s lectures are awesome, the best perhaps on this website, very entertaining.

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    I did not enrol for a taught course, rather I enrolled for Standard revision course. I am depending on open tuitions’ lecture videos and all I can say is, it is really helpful.. Although some of the areas on the notes aren’t been covered.. I just google and read through it. Fingers crossed for all of us on June if there’s anyone here who’ll take the exam as well. :)

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    hi admen me give the last year 2013 december ,f 4 paper exam,,but examiner give the very low marks,me very upset what the my wrong please how to got 50% marks possible and easy pass,give the some information and evrey day how many hours study my paper f4 (eng,)my this time is third time exam, me to much upset please help me,,,sir,

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      These guys at opentution must be so sick of this question – its like every tenth question is how can i download these lecture videos!

      you cant – the notes are but the videos arnt. Admin and johnmoffat and mikelittle all keep saying that its the only way they can keep the site free – by not having the videos downloadabler

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      More important than a study text is a revision kit!

      You can pass this paper without a study text but you would really struggle to pass withput a revision kit

      Listen to the videos / audios, read the course notes multiple times and read the questions and answers in the revision kit.

      Mike’s advice is to read those questions and answers until you are sick of them. Thats what I did – got through them 3 (maybe 4) times and cruised through the exam

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      Thanks for you advise guys, I really appreciate it. I know I need both the text and the kit, but I just wanted to get started reading the text. I am in Jamaica, I’m just trying to source a second hand book. Are any of you guys close by?

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        Hi, I wuldnt even bother with a study text. I see Mikes advice also says that you can pass without a text. And gingergirl seems to have done it woithout. Thats what Im aiming to do

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    I have only jst discovered these amazing lectures after trying to understand the bpp books. do you think I have enough time to pass the exam with five weeks to go spending about 15 hours a week as I have another exam ( that revision is going really well). Can I also pass with jst the info from the lectures and the revision kit from bpp? Also I do have the bpp stdy text bt can’t see sharia law bt I see it will be tested ( think I ready that somewhere) in the English variant of f4?

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        Thank you if i do that from the bpp revision text and finish your lectures by early next week is this enough time or would you ( as in what would you do) now do F4 in june next year as only a month away to do past papers once I finish your lectures. I have paid for the exam but should i just concentrate on my other exam or do you think with your amazing lectures I have a good chance as finally F4 making sense. Thank you for your help.

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        Also I read shariah law is to be examined bt it is not in the BPP book – can you recommend somewhere to find out about this in the correct detail please?

      • Avatar of MikeLittle says

        Hi – it would be a MOST UNUSUAL English variant exam which required a knowledge of Sharia law. And if (and it most probably won’t) it came up in the exam, it’s not going to be more than 5 marks MAXIMUM. Yes, you have time still to do the work in time for the exam, so get stuck into the lectures, videos, audios and the, as soon as you can, start reading (not trying to learn, just reading) the printed past exam questions and answers. Read them like you would a book. Then read them again. And again.

        But DO NOT even begin to think that you can / should produce answers in the same detail nor length of the printed solutions. There is absolutely NO WAY that you will get anywhere near the quality of those answers. They have been written by tutors (or the examiner) NOT under exam conditions (no time pressure, no reference books). Your task is to read the question, plan an answer for 5 minutes and then write 10 correct, relevant, markable sentences in just 13 minutes! That’s 1.3 minutes per sentence. One minute eighteen seconds for each and every sentence.

        There is not a chance in this life that you can do that in the exam. So give up that hope right now. As a little exercise, just copy some lines from your textbook and time yourself for 1.3 minutes. You will do very well to get beyond 4 lines and even then it’s because your handwriting is large!

        No problem about shortage of time for December. Remember, read, read, read, and then again, read. And when you’ve had enough, read the whole revision kit again. And again. Are you getting the message?

        And good luck in December and a huge smile in February

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        Thank you – I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing your lectures are. I have been studying since september but today it finally makes sense( Have a day of work and listened to your lectures). I only have the evenings and am doing another exam. Thank you so much for the advice. sorry to go on but I do work and doing another exam – what would be the time in hours I should be studing law. I am on chapter 6 on contract law – and I get it – hopefully can write it like I get it. Thank you sooooo much.

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      Morag, there’s no magic number of hours that you should be studying. For last June I had three students who discovered just one week before the exam that their employer had incorrectly entered them for the English variant whereas the course was for the global variant. They CLAIM that they worked only for 1 day, 1 day and 2 days (3 students, one did twice as much as the other 2)

      They passed! (Just, but still, they passed)

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    Dear SIr,
    My class teacher is really making me depressed by saying that you have to copy each and every word in the book language from your book You shouldn’t apply your own words and etc etc…This doesn’t make sense to me but she takes test and gives the marks accordingly to her statement.

    What Should I do?? Let me Know.

    Many Thanks

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      It would be WONDERFUL if you could do as your tutor suggest. However, it is totally unrealistic. I don’t wish to undermine your tutor’s authority and I’m sure she means to do her best for you. Please, don’t make a big issue of this and don’t advertise this posting around your class but, if you have reported her words correctly, then I’m sorry to say that she’s misleading you. Hopefully, innocently!

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    Hi sir… your lectures are great.. thxxx… I think my problem with f4 is the way I answer the questions. If possible, can I send you an answer and have your opinion about it???? thxx

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    Sir, ur lectures are really helpful. thanks a lot.. I think my problem with theory papers is the way I respond to exam questions. Is it possible for to send u a question and have your opinion???? thxx

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      A 5 year old text book? – well, you could, but I personally would think that’s too big a risk. Can you not check your 2008 text with someone who has a 2012 or 2013 book and check the extent of the differences

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    My weakness is theory and being able to retain.. Is like when you reach part D you forget part B. Sir could or anyone could you recommend a way in making this fun and simpler especially when it comes to the cases. My hours are also limited due to my job. I just need to get pass F4 and I will be fine. Any help?

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      i would recommend listening to his lectures and getting the bpp I-Pass CDs the question bank helps you retain better. If unable to do so i think the flashcards and F4 revision test here also helps.

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    Thank You so much Mr Mike for your wonderful tutoring.
    Had always hate theory. You have made this subject interesting.

    Could you please tell me if it is okay to use Kaplan 2011 text? I don’t have the 2012 update :/
    And also is it possible to pass the exam this session if i give 4 hrs/day since I’ve chosen the papers for the december session (atlast – F4, F7) only today.

    Best regards

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      @darkangel5, Hi

      The 2011 Kaplan text is substantially ok but you need to download the articles on this site covering Treasury shares and the Bribery Act.

      4 hours a day sounds to me like it could be enough, but don’t allow yourself to get bored or distracted. from that moment, your retention capabilities will be severely impaired. Break down your 4 hours into manageable parts.

      And enjoy F4 – it’s fascinating!

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    sir which study text will you recommend for f4 english law
    Because Bpp is not easily understandable because it has lot of details……………
    Reply soooooooooon Please….

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