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    Hi Sheha

    If it were my personal choice for me, I would go for English Law. The problem for non-natural English speakers is the complexity of the World of contract law. Itself is “tricky” but “tricky in a foreign language” and often mixed in with apparently “perverse” decisions makes it a difficult paper.

    However, with the introduction of mcqs we could find that it’s less of a trial.

    I believe that the key to success will now be constant and endless practice of mcqs.

    Because of a technical problem with my tablet, I have not yet been able to supply Admin with any mcqs of my own making.

    However, it will be necessary anyway for you to obtain a revisiion kit from a repuatable publisher as soon as possible.

    Then, get stuck into those questions.

    A word of advice – do NOT write in the revision kit – don’t mark it with your answers.

    If you do, you will not be able to go back again and again to attempt the questions.

    In addition, of course, when you have passed paper F4, you will then be able to sell the revision kit to a new entrant to the wonderful world of ACCA F4 law. This opportunity will be lost to you if you mark the answers in the book

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    Hi Mike! I still have not decide which variant for my F4 paper. Is it wise if I just choose the English or Global variant just to get through the paper using the lectures here? If I register for classes (which of course I ll need to pay for), I should be sitting for Singapore variant. Do you have any advice?

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