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    Hi All, I have a query actually I am intending to take 3 papers in level 2 for June. I want to know if it won’t be that bulky or too hard to pass the exams, can you help and guide me please.

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      @tauraiversatile, Where people follow a course of action, and NO-ONE dissents, that seems like it would fit the expression “conduct by unanimous consent” ( ‘though I have never heard the expression before – is it from a study text?

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        @MikeLittle, I am sitting for South African Variant (ZAF) and it has been a popular question in the past exams. Unfortunately materials for the relevant study text are very rare here.

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    Thanks very much for your repsonse. I have a similar query regarding the rules for members requisitiioning a general meeting.

    A notice conveying the meeting must be sent within 21 days of the requistion. The meeting must be held within 28 days of the notice. I just want to confirm that the latest time the meeting can be held is 49 days from request (21 + 28).

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      @leonpg, According to me it’s six weeks and there has to be a minimum number of members and a minimum amount of share capital involved – not less than 100 members holding on average not less than £100 each of paid up share capital. So not less than 100 people and not less than £10,000 capital

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