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    Just out of curiousity in regards to murder, how would the prosecutor know when you originally had the idea of murdering someone , to know when ‘the year and a day’ has been surpassed? I mean all you have to do is lie to save your skin?!! Great exam tips though!

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      @cecel, Lie?!!! People don’t lie – that would be wrong! So, if you’re in Court on a murder charge and the judge asks you when you most recently thought of killing your victim, you would tell the truth and say “Just last week, your Honour”


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        @MikeLittle, i have a weird question, we read so many case laws in f4, for example in contract law 2 people had a verbal acceptance.. how do they prove it? i mean one who is being sued will literally just say i did not accept any offer.. how do judges know those small facts without any evidence, im just so curious, any written proof makes sense but there are just so many cases in which the facts made me wonder why the accused accepted something which would lead him into paying the damages. i know its not relevant but i would like to know.

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        @captmario, “On the balance of probabilities ….” I think the judges would likely ask themselves “Why on Earth would he do this if the contract he claims to exist didn’t exist?” For example, why WOULD you pay the mortgage on a house if your father hadn’t promised to transfer the house to you? ( Errington v Errington )

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