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    Mr John, according to DEAD and CLIF theory: (DRs)? in Drawings results in ? in Assets (cash). or ? in Trade rec. leads to ? of cash. ive just started but i am really interested in more thorough understanding of this genius table. maybe original invention would help… and could you explain other features, please. why EXPENSES ASSETS DRAWINGS are Debits; CAPITAL LIABILITIES INCOME are Credits? debits are all inwards, yes but what about drawings? just because they ? the Capital introduced? or could i think of them like negative figure under the debits?
    Thank you Sir.

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      The best will be if you watch the next lectures in the course which go through double-entry bookkeeping, because there I explain why debits are debits, and why credits are credits (and why drawings are a debit – yes, they are like negative capital). I do explain it all in the lectures, and you can understand that I cannot type out all of the lectures here :-)

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    Dear sir,

    Good day,

    Last year I make use of your F1 material and I pass with 60%. Thank you open tuition.
    I just start study for F3, enjoy the lecture so far… I believe I will make the paper as well.

    Thank you open tuition for making this materials available to us.

    Warm regards.

    Ayodeji Ajayi.

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    I just started studying the lecture notes simultaneously with the videos and I must confess it has been seamless.I just understood the basic foundation ignoring the debit and credit as you advised. I am moving to chapter 2b and I hope it continues to be this easy to understand. I am planning to take F1 F2 and F3 come June.

    Thank you open tuition.


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