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    An invoice of $15,000 for energy costs relating to the quarter ended 30 November 20X7 was received on
    2 December 20X7. Energy costs are included in administrative expenses.
    the year ends 31october 2007. Administrative expenses —325. the answer is: 15000 2/4=10000. i understood this but i didn’t understand this: ,,Administrative expenses (325 + 10) .why we add 10? I think because 15000 included we less 325 by 15 and than add 10.. me.. last year i get 48 marks and…:(

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        I have no idea what the 325 and the 10 are!

        With regard to the invoice of 15,000, that was for the three months September, October, November.
        The year end is 31 October, and so at the year end they were owing for 2 months.
        If the invoice for 3 months was 15,000, then they must have been owing 2/3×15,000 = 10,000 for the two months.
        The invoice had not been recorded as the year end, and so there is an accrual of 10,000 and the expense in the Statement of profit or loss needs increasing by 10,000.

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    hi john, l saw this example and answer is this :
    Cost of sales
    Opening inventory 160
    Purchases 1,140
    Closing inventory (75)
    add Depreciation (W2) 59=
    in the example it said that Depreciation is treated as a cost of sales expense. why it addes and not less?

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    A company with an accounting date of 31 October carried out a physical check of inventory on 4
    November 20X3, leading to an inventory value at cost at this date of $483,700.
    Between 1 November 20X3 and 4 November 20X3 the following transactions took place:
    1 Goods costing $38,400 were received from suppliers.
    2 Goods that had cost $14,800 were sold for $20,000.
    3 A customer returned, in good condition, some goods which had been sold to him in October for
    $600 and which had cost $400.
    4 The company returned goods that had cost $1,800 in October to the supplier, and received a
    credit note for them.
    What figure should appear in the company’s financial statements at 31 October 20X3 for closing
    inventory, based on this information?
    A $458,700
    B $505,900
    C $508,700
    D $461,500

    I don’t understand how the answer is D. i thought we must add purchases a less sales. .not add sales and less purchases

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      The reason is that we need to work backwards because we know the inventory on 4 Nov and we want to know what it was on 31 Oct.
      So…..if you purchased something on 2 Nov (for example) the inventory on 4 nov will be higher and the inv on 31 oct would be lower.

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        The answer is certainly not 505,900!

        The answer is 461500.

        The inventory as at 4 November is 483700, so we have to work backwards to find out what it was on 31 October.
        483700 – 38400 + 14800 – 400 + 1800 = 461500

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    I would like to thank open tuition team for providing us all the materials. Such a wonderful help.
    I was looking for old year exams as well. Please guide me where can I find old year exams or is there any link available.

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    Open tution lecturer you are really good at explaining the most chapters that seem complex without your lectures. I thank you for providing this free lecture. is profit a Dr balance or Cr balance do you have summerised list of what is Dr and Cr balance in the ledger?

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      Profit is a credit balance (because it is owing to the owner(s) ).

      The course notes do list what balances are debit and which are credit.

      Debit balances represent either an asset or an expense.
      Credit balances represent either a liability or income (or owing to the owner(s).

      It is impossible to list every account because there is no limit to the number of accounts there could be :-)

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    when i click on play icon, the loading circle is shown and it goes on forever in a loop.. im sure i have the latest flash player and i have watched a lot of videos earlier from the same site..I tried using internet explorer 8 and safari.. same is the case with both.. please help..

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