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    Hi Sir, how to convert a mark up of 12.5% into margin? If the markup is 20%, then I say it’s 1/4, so margin must be 1/(4+1), so margin is 1/5. How you do it for 12.5%? Thanks

    • Avatar of johnmoffat says

      Well…….you got it wrong for 20% markup!!! The way you do it, then it would be 1/5, not 1/4. So the margin must be 1/(5+1) = 1/6.

      If it was 12.5% mark-up, then you could say it is 1/8 and then do it your way.

      Or you could say that if the cost was x then the markup would be X x 0.125X so the sales would be X(1.125). So the margin would be 0.125X/1.125X or 0.125/1.125

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    I am studying financial reporting, where I am asked to revise the following topics:
    1) conceptual framework – clueless on what this is about
    2) consolidated statement of financial position
    3) statement of cash flows – direct and indirect methods
    4) presentation of financial statements
    5) intangible assets

    Is f3 the appropriate revision notes? Do you guys have lectures of conceptual frameworks? If so, could you please tell me where.

    Many thanks

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