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    hello sir,hopefully you are doing good!i have started f3 and i have some questions please,i want to score 90+,should i use both bpp and kaplan text or use one of them?how many hours/chapters per day will help me to get my goal?should i practice questions from both the kits or one of approved is enough?as you stated that”practice under time pressure”now should i practice kits under time pressure or you are talking about mock exam?

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      You should watch all of our free lectures, in order, with the free lecture notes in front of you.

      When you have done that, then you should practice and practice from the Revision Kits. If you have both then use both – the more practice the better.
      The first time you attempt the questions then take as long as you need and spend time sorting out where you go wrong.
      Later, attempt the questions again, but this time under time pressure – it is when you are rushing that you are likely to make silly mistakes or forget things.

      You don’t really need to use the Study Texts if you are watching our lectures. Best is to use them more as a reference book on any areas that you do not feel happy about.

      Any problems, ask in the Ask the Tutor Forum and we will try our best to help.

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