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        Hello, Mr. John. unfortunately, at the end of the notes the answers are started only for Chapter 2. Moreover it says that to the Chapter 1 is “No Examples”.

        Could you please provide us with a correct answer. Thank you a lot in advance.

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    Hi there, I would like to know where the test answers are, for the first test question and the rest?

    It says come back here to check your answer but I can’t see it.

    Many thanks

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      If you mean the tests at the end of each chapter, then the answers are at the back of the Course Notes.

      If you mean the mock exam, then as the page before the exam starts explains, there is a choice at the end of the exam to compare your answers with the correct answers.

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    I passed my CBE F3 today and i would like to thank you Mr John for the lectures and notes!
    I did not even know what was debit and credit when i started to study this paper 😀

    I’ve now completed level 1 using only OT resources + Revision kits

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    Hi there

    I need some help regarding how should I study. Should I first finish watching all the lectures and read all the course notes and then turn to the exam kit or should I do the exam kit by the end of each chapter.

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      It is up to you, but best probably is first to watch all the lectures (and try the tests at the end of each chapter).
      Then start practicing from the Exam Kit and refer back to the lectures and notes when you come across something you have forgotten.

      (and, of course, ask in the F3 Ask the ACCA Tutor Forum if you have have any problems with any of the questions. I will try my best to help.)

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      It is impossible to say how many days – it depends on how many hours a day you can study, and also as to how easy or hard you find the subject.

      If you are prepared to work hard then one month should be enough.

      Watch all our free lectures (along with our course notes), get hold of a Revision/Exam Kit from one of the approved publishers (so that you have lots of questions to practice), and do ask in the Ask the Tutor Forum if you need any help.

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    hello MR JOHN first of all i would like thank you soo much for these notes and videos they are very helpfull and helped me pass my FAB exam. I would like ask u if i just listen to your lectures and practice from the updated ACCA revision kit will it be enough for me to pass for my FFA exam?

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