1. avatar says

    Sir, i have watched all the lectures and rad the opentutions notes. I have also done the test questions which is there at the end of every chapter and understood them well. So is it enough to pass f3 paper or we have to read another study material approved by ACCA?

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      You don’t need to read other material, but you do need to get a Revision/Exam Kit from one of the ACCA approved publishers. They contain lots and lots of exam-standard questions to practice on, and practice is vital.

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      Strictly we should use credit purchases. However usually you do not have enough information in the question in which case you have no choice but to use cost of sales.
      In this question, we could calculate it for one year, but not for the other and so we would not be comparing ‘like with like’ if we did it for one year and not for the other.

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    if i were requested to enter my answer into the computer , for example a credit balance for account payable $1000, do i need to key in a -1000 or just 1000. do we need to put negative “-” for credit balances? including losses, do we need to put a “-” for loss or credit balance ? very urgent, i am having my exam tomorrow. thank you

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        Thanks John, I sat for my F3 today and got 79%, thanks for your lectures! i really enjoy and benefit a lot from you lectures because we get to learn the logic instead of just memorizing . will you be teaching F7 and F9 ? r u the lecture for F5 too ?

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    hi… i have been preparing for my exams in december (f1,f2,f3)… i am almost done with f2 and f3… i have only studied the first chapter of f1 as of yet. can you please tell me whether watching these video lectures are sufficient to pass in f1 paper?

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