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    if i were requested to enter my answer into the computer , for example a credit balance for account payable $1000, do i need to key in a -1000 or just 1000. do we need to put negative “-” for credit balances? including losses, do we need to put a “-” for loss or credit balance ? very urgent, i am having my exam tomorrow. thank you

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        Thanks John, I sat for my F3 today and got 79%, thanks for your lectures! i really enjoy and benefit a lot from you lectures because we get to learn the logic instead of just memorizing . will you be teaching F7 and F9 ? r u the lecture for F5 too ?

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    hi… i have been preparing for my exams in december (f1,f2,f3)… i am almost done with f2 and f3… i have only studied the first chapter of f1 as of yet. can you please tell me whether watching these video lectures are sufficient to pass in f1 paper?

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