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    question 1
    does anyone know why in calculation of the goodwill we add a fv (10% of 24000) = 2400 if we are calculating a goodwill in an example where P bought S on the date when S started to exist…

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    Example 7:

    If question is silent, i should be using proportional value of NCI percentage multiply total of fair value of Subsidiary Net Assets at date of acquisition. ie
    FV of SNA @ DOA
    Share capital $20,000
    Retained Earnings NIL
    Total = $15,000 x 25% = $5,000so, i would get
    Cost of investment $15,000
    FV of NCI $5,000 (per workings above)
    Total$20,000/- am i correct?
    Thank you

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    Dear Sir, for the first 6 mins of lecture , we only get to hear Mr.John.We are unable to see what he’s writing as the screen doesn’t show. I have read other comments on this video & came to know that many other viewers are experiencing same problem as me .Please resolve this issue.

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    This is a good, helpful and informative lecture. I really appreciate the efforts put by the lecturer. What I am looking for?
    Some solved Exam Problems with explanation. If it is possible?
    Any thanks again for providing help in studies.

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