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    If we are preparing both the consolidated balance sheet and income statement, how are we going to reflect the unrealized profit on the inventory(inter entity transaction)? Because if we already adjusted the unrealized profit on the consolidated income statement, the consolidated balance sheet would automatically be adusted (retained earnings). But how about the inventory account? Because our procedure in reflecting the unrealized profit was to increase COS?

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      In the Statement of financial position, the PURP is removed from the value of the inventory and removed from the retained earnings of the company that sold the goods to the company holding them at the year end.

      In the Statement of profit or loss, the profit is reduced by the PURP (and achieved by increasing the cost of sales), which automatically reduces the retained earnings (and therefore ‘matches’ with the Statement of financial position.

      There is no consolidated inventory account. There are only two companies with t-accounts – the parent and the subsidiary. There is no such thing as a consolidated company with its own t-accounts. The preparation of consolidated statements is simply an exercise at the end of the year using the statements of the two individual companies.
      The inventory accounts in the individual companies are not affected by PURP and their individual statements are not changed in any sense.

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