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        Its not actually $500, it was $100 just in the ” Double bookkeeping Part a” he erase $100 and wrote $500 instead and even then he was giving example about people can do small mistakes by writing in one T account $100 and in another $500 in their normal day bookkeeping which is basically a small amount but it can create serious problems later in finalising the accounts. And later the Lecturer just forgot to write it back $100. so don’t get confuse it was $100 before
        and it is $100 now. You can also check the correct figure in the lecture notes

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    Can someone pls explain to me how to tidy up d owners account-example 6 on chapter own recording did not end.whats d last thing to do after u debit d Income statement t account and the capital account

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    just alittle clarification on withdrawals ,anybody,in the test ,chap 7,inventory valu, ques 1 .why credit purchases when you make a stock withdrawal and not inventory or sales?
    is it because inventory is only dealt with at the end of the accounting period ?

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