1. Profile photo of Chau says

    Hello sir,

    Thank you so much for your fantastic lecture. It’s clear and very easy to understand!

    I just have some small questions for you, sir. In the text book, it uses the word “SOPOL” instead of “balance”, so what does “SOPOL” stand for? And in the exam, is there any rule about using “SOPOL” instead of “balance” or vice versa?

    Thank you

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      There are a few test questions at the end of most of the chapters in the lecture notes.
      However you must buy a Revision Kit from one of the approved publishers because they contain lots of exam standard questions, and practice is vital.

      You can take our mock exam (online) any time you want to. However it makes sense to wait until you have worked through all of the chapters in the lectures notes (and the lectures that go with them).
      The test examines the whole syllabus (just as the real exam will), and because the program selects questions at random from a bank of questions, every time you attempt it you are likely to see different questions in Section A.

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