1. avatar says

    This makes is it so simple. Revising process costing from the Bpp manual I understood it like 50% and wasn’t confident in attempting the questions, The example shown in the video simplifies it so much and I said to myself Bloody Hell its that simple!!

  2. avatar says

    I go for F2 classes here in dubai but i still need opentuition at the end of the day because this tutor just breaks it down to the basic which i guess most of us need ! Thank you very much and i really wish you could put up a video for Labour costs.

  3. Profile photo of accakeisha says

    dear OT,
    i would like to know………..if i were to study SOLELY with you and your materials (because you are that good) would there be any need to use another text book? will i be fully knowledgeable to succeed my F2 exam.

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