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    Thanks a lot to Open Tution ,….absoultely very help ful but i dont want to get too much excited becoz i have a fear that if this website will be closed or stop serving coz of so many reason their rivals or other ACCA tution proivder may force them to close it down for free ,…..:( I Pray its never happen ….Thanks Again all team members behind this great job ….highly appreciated and please keep educating the world and serve the humanity !!

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    seems like i almost dont need the bpp text book anymore………….you are that good OT!!! hmm…… it begs me to wonder if i new of these lectures before taking my F1 exam would my results be much much higher?

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      @natasakwn, you are right it is 45 not 50, but it is repeated distribution method and we are not dealing with cents here..if you multiply 0.45 with 4 you will see the result 1.8 at X and 1.6 at Y and 0.6 at S. But you should again recharge S(0.6). As you see it will take much time for us to calculate in cents

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