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    Thank you for the lectures. Is there a possibility to buy a kindle version of the support notes? I transferred them to my kindle through my amazon account, the conversion is better than expected considering the many charts, still I cannot acces the table of contents and some formulas are harder to read.

    • Profile photo of opentuition_team says

      No, sorry, we do not offer Kindle version, just the PDF
      (glad to hear that basic conversion worked for you.)
      as you know there are many different kind of devices and standards and we can’t start offering them all, at least for now.

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    during reaportioning the service centres and rounding to the nearest dollar, what if your answer is different from the correct one in the multiple choice?

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      Department X has total overheads of $88000.

      The total hours worked in dept X are (8000 x 3) + (8000 x 2.5) = 44000

      So the overhead absorption rate is $88000/44000 = $2 per hour.

      You can do the same for Dept Y and work out overheads per hour for Y.

      To calculate the cost per unit for product M, it is 2.5 hours at the adept X rate, plus 2 hours at the Dept Y rate.

      ( incidentally, there are no euros in paper F2 – everything is in dollars :-) )

      In future, if you want me to answer a question, then please ask it in the Ask ACCA Tutor Forum. I can not always read comments below lectures.

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    Great tutor! I wish I could be in that class! I hear a lot of Latvian names been mentioned in this class. Where is this based? I’m Latvian myself but study from home with BPP.

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    these easy understanding lectures are saving my life! Thanks a lot!!.

    I have a question around 5:35 at recharge canteen cost. Why dont we dived 50/100 and 40/100 instead of 50/90 and 40/90 since there are total 100 employees?

      • avatar says

        oh sorry i thought u were talking about the previous lecture. The reason that he didnt use 100employees is because 10 employees are of the canteen depaertment. He is recharging the total canteen costs to the production departments which have total of 90 employees.

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