1. avatar says

    i’ve been trying to get this absorption rate concept since two weeks. Now that i’ve listened to these lectures, it is cleared to me pretty much. the best thing about these online lectures you can listen to them as much as you want. God bless to the lecturer.

  2. avatar says

    Love this site only sorry that the videos are not downloadable so that I can always have them with me when commuting to and from work daily. My hour journey to and fro would be well utlised.

    Again, thanks

  3. Profile photo of ryanpie says

    this teacher is fucking brillant n intelligent
    my god you are fucking repected
    i respect you man!!!!!!!!!!!! frankly speaking!!!!!!!
    you are too good
    may god shower his blessing on this site
    i love you n every member that has contributed in making this site possible

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    I am from Pakistan, and we have generally a concept that british pronounciation of English is pretty much difficult to understand. I am pretty much amazed with the respected teacher that he made every word clear more than the tutors made in our language here. Further more the way the reacher teaches, i feel no need to consult with text book so far. Thanks to you

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