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      It depends which paper you want.

      There are three financial accounting papers – they are F3, F7 and P2 (F3 is the basic – P2 is the most advanced)

      You can find links to then from the main ACCA page.

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        Sir moffat, I got a personal question. I already passed my F3 ( 26 th dec 2013 ). But on my examination status on acca global it said that F3 financial accounting to be attempted. Why it didn’t said that i pass. I got 54 % and was taking private tuition with a tutor.

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        I assume that you took the computer based exam and that it was at a licensed centre?
        The firm of tutors that administered the exam should have uploaded the result to the ACCA and it should then have appeared on your account within 72 hours.

        Did you receive a provision notification of your result immediately you finished the exam?

        You need to contact the place where you took the exam and ask what has happened. If they do not sort it out then you need to email the ACCA as soon as possible.

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        Yes i took a CBE exam and it was a licensed centre. I received an email from the admin of acca global on 27 th dec confirming that i passed my F3 but it still don’t appear on my examination status. I hope that i won’t have to take the exam again

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