ACCA F1 lectures

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Introduction to Accountant in Business ACCA F1 / FIA FAB Exam (7min)

Chapter 1 - The nature and structure of organisations:

Organisations, Types of Organisation and Functional Structure (30min)

Organisations main functions, Matrix and Mintzberg’s Structure (28min)

Level of management, Centralisation and decentralisation, Formal and informal Organisations (19min)

Chapter 2

Information and information technology (36min)

Chapter 3

An organisation’s environment (34min)

Chapter 4

Organisational culture (25min)

Chapter 5

An organisation’s stakeholders (14min)

Chapter 6

Corporate governance and ethical considerations (34min)

Chapter 7

Accountancy and the accountancy profession (29min)

Chapter 8

Internal control and the implications of fraud (41min)

Chapter 9

Management (25min)

Chapter 10

Leadership (39min)

Chapter 11

The nature of groups (22min)

Chapter 12

Theories of motivation (38min)

Chapter 13

How an individual can develop (18min)

Chapter 14

The nature of communication (19min)

Chapter 15

The recruitment and selection process (28min)

Chapter 16

How people learn (9min)

Chapter 17

Performance and appraisal interviews (16min)

Chapter 18

Some legal obligations (40min)

Chapter 19 Economics

Macro-economic policies, Monetary and fiscal Policy, Taxation (38min)

The demand curve, Income elasticity of demand (17min)

Demand and supply curves, Cost curves, Types of competition (29min)


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    could you please tell me why the F1 chapters are not matching with my book which I have got from my college like Recruitment and selection, Diversity etc?

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