ACCA F1 Key to success

ACCA F1 Accountant in Business – Nature of the paper

ACCA F1 Paper – Accountant in Business – is a foundation paper which introduces a wide range of accounting and business terminology, and information about the business environment. The syllabus is very wide, but not deep.

Structure of the ACCA F1 paper

The exam consists of two sections:

  • Section A  contains 16 one mark objective questions and 30 two mark questions objective test questions (pick one answer from a number of alternatives).
  • Section B will contains 6 four mark multi-task questions. Multi-task questions (MTQs) contain a series of tasks which relate to one or more scenarios.

Emphasis of the ACCA F1 exam

The syllabus and study guide take you through:

• Work effectively in accountancy and finance
• Principles of internal control
• Evaluating accounting systems
• Professional ethics in accounting and finance
• Professional values and basic business legislation
• Business environment, structure and governance
• Leadership management and communication

How to pass ACCA F1 exam

Use the OpenTuition ACCA F1 lectures along with the Course Notes. Make sure you know the many theories that the syllabus contains.

When you are confident of a topic, then practise relevant test questions in any question banks you have available. You need to purchase Revision Kit from approved ACCA publishers.

There are links to an ACCA test and ACCA F1 Mock exam on OpenTuition. The ACCA does not publish F1 exams after each session.

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    • Profile photo of DEBBIE says

      Hello Ken ,
      You are in the right place ; sitting on a Gold mine with out even knowing it. Please Kindly down load materials from open tuition website ? ( Free Lectures and revision notes for your personal use ) .
      Take advantage of the free online lectures. These also are Specially tailored for the ACCA Exams. Nothing more.
      All you need is all you’ve got available right here ! Any other material is a plus.
      If you can effectively put them into use , you wouldn’t need any other additions or lectures . Digest every details, and practice questions along side with the ACCA revision kits.
      Wishing you the very best. HAPPY READING !
      Thank you.

    • Profile photo of gromit says

      Find out from ACCA if you are entitled to any exemptions. Then decide what exams to study for first. Perhaps try two to see how it goes. Then decide on study resources. OpenTuition has good notes and lectures, but you should buy a revision kit (questions) from BBP or Kaplan to practise on. Remember most exam attempts need to be registered well in advance.

  1. avatar says

    I just start to know opentution today.i think it’s a great ace for me…..
    i’m from myanmar & i have done in F2 & F3.but i did’t pass F1. Can someone help me how to prepare for this in Dec 14 exam?

  2. avatar says

    i have a question i need some one to guide me.
    well i have done bachelor in finance ( 4 years degree) , now i am working in a company as a my question is can i do ACCA now ?
    is there any assumption of papers in ACCA for me?
    waiting for guidance.

    • Profile photo of hamzaharoon says

      You can not only do ACCA even I believe you can also get Exemption on some Fundamental Level Papers of ACCA, you contact ACCA office in your city for more information plus I believe you can easily complete ACCA as you have practical experience in your accountancy field

  3. avatar says

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if you could ALL give me a couple of quick but very helpful and needed answers, 1) From your personal experience is it achievable to get a pass mark of 60+ through just studying the materials on this website for f1-f9 papers 2) if possible up to a certain point, what exams can you go up to before 60+ marks is too hard to achieve off OT materials alone?

    OR if you all say its not possible at all, what from your proven experience is the minimum study material I would need to buy in order to get 60 mark range like maybe a revision kit just for extra practice. Unfortunately I dont have the money to invest at this present time in study materials and feel it is hindering me in a big way in progressing which is frustrating but OT might be able to solve that (how I wish!). Thank you in advance if you can take the time out!

    • avatar says

      Oh and just in case you are wondering I am aware the pass mark is 50. But Iguess that is another question! If 60+ is a complete no then is it possible to get at least a pass in f1-f9 papers with just Opentuition material only. Like I said before if people that have actually done it could respond especially it would be very much appreciated as I would have some solid proof but all comments are welcomed. Thank you.

    • avatar says

      it is possible that you can even get 70+ marks all that matters is that you read and understand the text properly and you can test that by using revision kits(exam kit) if they are available on this website i am not sure there is or not but i think there is when you complete your revision kit give a mock exam and you will know whether you can get 60+ or not if you get 70 marks or above you are most likely to end up with 68-78 marks in the exam i hope that was helpful

      • Profile photo of Raquel says

        Thank you for your answer above I am in a similar position as Kris and was wondering if i could study using OT material only…. I registered ACCA a week ago and studying after work i needed clarity. Thank you

    • avatar says


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