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ACCA Exam Technique from ACCA Tutors / Markers part 1

ACCA Exam Technique from ACCA Tutors / Markers part 2

ACCA Exam Technique from ACCA Tutors / Markers part 3

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    • avatar says

      Hello Mr Waelsabagh you have ACCA center in Saudi Arabia in the following cities and thier corresponding center numbers and exam time . U can now try to locate them in the cities ok?
      Saudi Arabia:
      Al Khobar
      Saudi Arabia:
      Saudi Arabia:
      I hope I have helped u

    • avatar says

      @Reena, Practicing the CBE Mock exams opentuition has on a regular should helped me a lot when i was studing plus listening to the lectures I got 84% in FAB using the OT lectures and quizes everyday (i took 2 weeks to do this)
      The FMA, ensure you get your variance correct, practicing the CBE mock exams and a clear understanding makes it more manageable. OT helped me to pass this one as well.

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