ACCA Administrative Review

ACCA Administrative Review explained for students who had a marginal fail, scored 48-49 marks.

If you are unhappy with your exam result, then you can ask the ACCA for an administrative review.

This review will NOT mean that your exam is remarked.

The ACCA will only check that the marks have been added up and recorded correctly.

They will also tell you whether each question passed or failed, but they will NOT tell you the marks for each question.

You must enclose the appropriate fee (per paper):

FIA – All papers (per paper) – £52
ACCA Qualification Knowledge Module (per paper) – £52
ACCA Qualification Skills Module (per paper) – £52
ACCA Qualification Professional Level (per paper) – £52
DipIFR – £52
The ACCA administrative review service is available until 1 September 2014.

If you would like to request an administrative review you can now submit your request using our online service at myACCA. Alternatively, you can complete the form (see ‘Related documents’) and submit to:

Examination Operation Services,
ACCA, 2 Central Quay,
89 Hydepark Street,
Glasgow G3 8BW, UK

Here is the official ACCA administrative review page on ACCA Global website

Please read the most recent post on the ACCA forums where students who took the administrative review shared their comments >>


  1. Profile photo of fabiangrey says

    Has anyone’s mark actually improved after a review? Can some people who have gone through the process please comment?

    This is the 2nd time I have got a 48% on two different papers. I am beginning to think they do it on purpose knowing, you will definitely submit a review in order to raise more money for the costly rent of their headoffices

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      I really do not think so.

      As the comment below says, all that will happen is that they will check that the marks have been recorded and added up correctly.

      They do not remark the paper, and they do not tell you your marks for each question (although they do tell you which questions got more or less than the pass mark).

      Because you got 48, your exam will already have been marked twice and reviewed by the examiner as well.

      It is very unlikely indeed that a review will change your mark.

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Read the posts on this thread! It is MOST UNLIKELY that your result will be changed.

      A review is merely checking that all pages are marked and that the marks have been added correctly.

      The general consensus appears to be that asking and paying for a review is a waste of money

      But it’s your choice!

  2. avatar says

    Administative is just way demorallise students. ALL STUDENTS HAVE SAME COMMENTS,IS IT ETHICS OF ACCA?

  3. avatar says

    It is not a review, it is just a way to take more money of you. The only reason I can see for paying £50. is once you got the feedback (which tells you next to nothing) and you still don’t agree you can write in and ask for it to be assessed.

    If it was a proper review they would not be scared of sending you your scanned paper along with the actual marks and markers commments. That way you can see if either your confidence in passing the paper was misplaced and you can see when to improve next time. In fact I would pay money even on some of the papers I passed!

    I gather CIMA does something like that, but that does not suprise me. It appears CIMA are way ahead of ACCA in so many ways.

  4. Profile photo of fabiangrey says

    I sent my paper for review and they told me it could take up to 2 weeks.

    It took less than 2 hours and the mark stood how it was.

    Biggest waste of money!

    I won’t pay for a review next time, I’ll just use the money for resitting instead.

    • avatar says

      I paid for my review on Monday and still have not heard from them . I wonder what they are cooking for me.

      I wonder if someone has written to Examination Appeals Committee if the admin review is not satisfactory? It is another £52 but to be honest, I do not see how ACCA will admit if they have made mistake ? The Committee might be more independent and I assume they will be reviewing the paper?

  5. avatar says

    today I received admin review result (submitted 2 days ago).
    the result is not changed, pass against 50 mark question and fail for the other 2 by 25.
    So got only 11 points out of 50 available in Section B… which is really bad!
    Going through Q&A I realized where my weak point was… Examiner allocated plenty of marks based on existing technical articles (TA): example is Q2a 5 points for tunnel vision (which is not in Kaplan study text)!! Actually, in Q2 examiner allocated 15 marks just for knowledge of TA’s – so make sure you know them word by word – this will increase your chance for success.
    Also, examiner allocated some good marks just for knowledge of various definitions which can be found in TA and Study text.

    Now the answer for question : “whether you felt that it was worth spending 52 GBP?” – at least I have peace of mind that all I could produce under exam condition was marked :) Also this helped me to understand which Q I performed well and which I didn’t. Now I have clear understanding of what examiner wants to see in the exam answers and I’ll make sure I do that in Jun session.
    Good luck everyone!

  6. avatar says

    only 36 was awarded to myself for P5 at my second attempt. This is not the mark I was expecting and after reading answers to exam questions I still think this is not I should be awarded. Definitely going for administrative review.
    Moreover, I think this session of P5 was highly subjective (from markers point of view) because it was more a general knowledge exam with no particular emphasize on those tons of model study text is putting forward.
    Very disappointed!

    • avatar says

      I would advice you to add that Money to what you are going to pay for a resit. for Administrative review, they don’t change the results but only tell you how you fared per question and some reasons why you failed. Otherwise no change of results.

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      You can ask for an administrative review, but there is not really much to be gained.
      They will not remark your exam, but just check that they have added up the marks correctly.
      The only thing that they will tell you is which questions you passed and which questions you failed (but not how many marks on each question).

  7. avatar says

    I am in jeopardy these days after my P7 exam result and want some advise, in DEC-2012 i attempted P6 and P7, i passed P6 but got 48 marks for P7. I applied for admin review and found out that one of my compulsory and one of optional question failed, it did make sense as one of the optional question i answered was wrong and for the other compulsory question i was unable to complete owing to time pressure.

    Then, make JUN-2013, i just sat P7 (as my last paper) and attempted all questions within the time limit and practiced a lot of past papers before exams, i was confident that i would make this time as when i compared my answers to suggested answers by ACCA, i found that i have not made a blunder and answered the question correctly. But to my surprise i got 48 marks again, this is a bit weird since, if i were to fail, why at the same mark. Its not making any sense to me.

    Please advise, should i get my admin review done again for this session or not.

  8. avatar says

    What l dont understand is how some people who write 8 questions out of 10 can get 54% and l wrote all 10 questions l get 47%….after going through the June 2013 F4 answers l managed to score 5marks or above for each question….l feel ripped off by the ACCA board.

  9. avatar says

    @Annakay…..I agree with your comments and I share your frustration and grief

    I think what ACCA students need is a student union of their own to represent its members on critical issues.

    I wonder if all the posts and comments made on this website and other websites ever get across to ACCA

  10. avatar says

    I think ACCA is a total rip off with student. I have sat the f8 exam last sitting and I was very much confident in passing this paper. and they failed me terrible. after sitting this exam about the sixth times. What is it acca is looking for. They need to send us our script so that we can see our mistakes.

    I am not in agreement for us to pay for re-mark. They are milking cow. they constantly failed you to get more money

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