ACCA Administrative Review

ACCA Administrative Review explained for students who had a marginal fail, scored 48-49 marks.

If you are unhappy with your exam result, then you can ask the ACCA for an administrative review.

This review will NOT mean that your exam is remarked.

The ACCA will only check that the marks have been added up and recorded correctly.

They will also tell you whether each question passed or failed, but they will NOT tell you the marks for each question.

You must enclose the appropriate fee (per paper):

FIA – All papers (per paper) – £52
ACCA Qualification Knowledge Module (per paper) – £52
ACCA Qualification Skills Module (per paper) – £52
ACCA Qualification Professional Level (per paper) – £52
DipIFR – £52

The closing date to submit your administrative review request is 2 March 2015.

If you would like to request an administrative review you can now submit your request using our online service at myACCA. Alternatively, you can complete the form (see ‘Related documents’) and submit to:

Examination Operation Services,
ACCA, 2 Central Quay,
89 Hydepark Street,
Glasgow G3 8BW, UK

Here is the official ACCA administrative review page on ACCA Global website

Please read the most recent post on the ACCA forums where students who took the administrative review shared their comments >>


    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      This will most likely not be the result of administrative reviews. It is most probably the case that one (or possibly two) marker in each of the marking teams for the papers mentioned in the article were seen in retrospect to have been a little harsh. On a subsequent review, the papers marked by those individuals will probably have been reassessed by the examiner and the marks adjusted accordingly.

      It is extremely difficult to achieve absolute consistency where a task is carried out by a group of individuals (the members of the marking team) and, even with controls in place, where a task comes down to the assessment by individuals absolute consistency is non-achievable.

      Accept it! There have been occasions in the past where I have considered that the performance of students on courses I have taught did not reach my expectations. Maybe they collectively had a bad day? Or maybe their group of scripts were allocated to a relatively inexperienced marker or a marker that expected higher standards than the other members of the marking team

      It will never be the case that all markers mark to exactly the same standard.

      But administrative review is not going to correct that :-(


  1. avatar says

    i have appeared for f5 and f9 and my f5 paper attempted wonderful but god knows why i have failed in it and instead i was afraid with f9 but i go through with it…sometime hard to believe but truth is truth…i am ready to fight back again for f5 ….i am not sure whts lack in my study…plz someone guide me for this…

  2. avatar says

    Hi. I wrote a couple of days ago about getting 49 on my F5. I paid the £52 for the review and they wrote to me the next day saying the mark hasn’t changed. All they send you is a short summary saying

    Q1. Pass
    Q2. Fail
    Q3. Pass
    Q4. Fail
    Q5 Pass

  3. avatar says

    Hi there .. i am very gutted i have got 49 marks in f5 ..not expected at all. I am very sure i had done enough to pass but this is very strange .. when i have got my result i was shoked .. i have passed f7 and i have managed to attend only three questions but those 3 questuins were spot on . I wud defineatly pay 52 pound if they practically show me my script … any way lesson lerned and i will prepare for my nail and teeth this time round .. i have already started .. thanks buddy

  4. Profile photo of pauljaco says

    Just had a quick read through the above.

    I must admit £52 for review from the ACCA is stupid, however the moderators on this website state i don’t know how many times that your mark WON’T change it is just ‘reviewed’ just see if there was a mathematical addition problem

    Im of the opinion if you fail you fail for a reason most enough and not its because you didnt answer the question asked but you answered what you though it asked. ACCA will not purposely just to make more money (they make enough as it is)

    I recently failed F6 with 46% and i have taken it on the chin and im going to prepare for June 2015 not grumbles to dust myself down and go again

    If you want to spend £52 on a ‘review’ which tells you not alot more thats up to you……me……ill put the £52 towards my next exam fee.

    Each to there own, but thats my two pennies worth

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