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Nature of the ACCA P1 paper

ACCA P1 Paper – Governance, Risk and Ethics – aims to develop a student’s knowledge and the skills to be able to exercise professional judgement and ethics in practical situations which they will inevitably face as qualified accountants.
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ACCA P1 June 2015 Exam tips

The paper title gives pretty strong clues about the likely content of the exam!

Question 1 will probably be the “usual” 500 – 700 word case study with sub questions covering governance, risk AND ethics with a part question asking for something like a chair’s address to the members at an AGM or a report to, say, institutional investors

Questions 2, 3 and 4 could have at their root a topic covered by recent Student Accountant articles including any or all of the following:

  • Diversifying the Board
  • Integrated Reporting Framework
  • CSR Strategy and Strategic CSR
  • Environmental Accounting and Reporting

but, throughout the paper, the underlying themes will be governance, risk and ethics

Please Note

Tips should not be relied on – they are only intelligent guesses.
Their only purpose is to give you suggestions for topics to concentrate on in your last few days of preparation. Do not exclude other topics from your overall preparation.

Examiners Recommended Reading

Solomon, J (2006). Corporate Governance and Accountability Chichester: John Wiley and Sons.

Monks, A. G. and Minow, N Corporate Governance Third edition. Malden MA: Blackwell.

Crane, A. & Matten, D. (2003).Business Ethics Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Gray, R, Owen, D and Adams C (1996). Accounting and Accountability Prentice Hall, London.

These books are recommended by the examiner . If you are having problems with a particular paper, or if you want to do extra reading out of interest, then you might them useful.
The most efficient way of obtaining them is from Amazon in the UK.