Which is the best combination of ACCA Papers?

Many students have problems choosing which combination of ACCA exams to sit. We have conducted a survey, and over a 1,000 students participated.Here are the results:

2 ACCA Papers – the best combination

2 ACCA papers best combination

2 ACCA papers

3 ACCA Papers – the best combination

3 ACCA Papers best combination


  1. avatar says


    I am thinking of taking F8 with 2 P Level papers in December, just wanted to get people’s thoughts if this may be too heavy a workload? If possible what would be the best combination?

    I’m leaving my job a month before exams and going to use that time to focus solely on studying. So I’m hoping that additional month would give me enough time to prepare…

    • Avatar of johnmoffat says

      There is no reason why you should not be able to manage it.
      However, have you already passed F9? (Because you have to finished all your F papers (or be taking them at the same time) to be able to start the P papers.)

      • avatar says

        I took F9 with F7 in June, so I’m just considering what my options could be if I passed both.

        So for combination of P papers, would P1 & P3 work well together?

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      Assuming that John’s point about having finished all your F level papers is satisfied, why not try P1 and P3? I suggest those because there is a clear day between the exams and it seems from numerous posts on this site that students believe that that is important. It gives that bit of space for last minute revision

      In addition, there is a little bit of overlap of F8 within P1 (ethics and independence)

  2. avatar says


    I am eligible for exemption of F1 to F9, want to know if it’s possible to apply to write other papers(thinking of taking p1-3 in Dec) before paying for the exemptions??

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      I doubt that very much! Think from the ACCA’s perspective! We let you do 3 papers and (hopefully not) you fail and decide not to go further! Er, no, sorry. I imagine that you shall have to be registered as a student and that, before you are allowed to enter any P level papers, you will need to pay for your 9 exemptions

  3. avatar says

    Hi, I want to modify f2 and f3 papers in MYACCA portal. I had registered previously to take the papers in the December session and I paid the fees already but now I want to take them through CBE in august or September. In the myACCA portal it is possible to change from paper base to CBE but the problem is that the center cannot be modified and I wish to take them in a different center not the one I registered in December, moreover there are other papers that I will maintain to take in paper base in the December session. I was wondering if I should just remove F2 and F3 from the December session which means my account will have a balance and when I will register for the june session I will need to pay a certain sum plus the balance to complete the fees for the papers in june session. I don’t know if this is possible

  4. Avatar of paaras says

    Hello Everyone, i am sitting for F5, F7 and F9 exams in Dec 14. I failed F5 and F7 in a previous attempt. Can i still use two years old Kaplan study notes for F5 and F7?
    Any reply would be much appreciated

    • Avatar of MikeLittle says

      1, 2, 3 or 4 – it’s up to you. Most students seem to find that 2 each 6 months is enough

      Student registration lasts for 10 years but I’ve never heard of anyone being time-barred

  5. avatar says

    Hi, I am thinking of taking F2 and F3 CBE before Dec and take 2 or 3 more exams in Dec 14.
    I have only started a few chapters for F2 and I’m working full time.
    Do you think it is better/possible to take 2 or 3 exams in Dec and which papers I should take given I’ve passed F2 and F3.
    Thanks a lot!

    • avatar says

      I also work full time, I find that taking the time to focus one paper consistently and sitting the exam paper works best.
      then sit 2 paper base exams. but that depends on the amount of time you have available for study. it makes no sense to pay for 2 or 3 papers when you barely have time to study.
      I study on my own as there is no time for class, work and family.
      My method is to go through the OT notes and lectures and then all the questions in the revision kit and the last few days before exams do the mock exams. You cannot pass an acca exam without a lot of practice no matter if it is computation or writing.

      we are in july now i would suggest that if you can study and pass those two papers by September then go ahead and two dec. put if not doing F4 or F5 only for dec would be a good plan.

  6. avatar says

    Hi everyone, I just registered for ACCA and got one exemption (F1). I wish to take 4 papers in december 2014, f2, f3, f4 and f5. I was just wondering if is a good combination or is the work load too much?

    • Avatar of angele1 says

      Hi, yes it’s possible to do all the four. F2 and F3 are easy and you might also consider doing the CBE for these papers anytime during the year. You would then be left with only F4 and F5 for december sitting.
      Good luck :)

      • avatar says

        Thanks, I would very much like to take F2 and F3 in the CBE session, but the problem is that I have already registered those papers in the December 2014 session. I don’t know
        if there is a possibility to switch them to CBE.

      • Avatar of angele1 says

        Hi, you already paid for the 4 papers for december 2014?

        If yes, you can still modify your exam entry for F2 and F3 and register for two other papers (cause ACCA will not refund your payment) till the 8th september, with no additional cost.
        You can register for the two other papers for June 2015 sitting.

        For the CBE, you have to pay directly to the school or centre offering the exams.

        Best of luck :)

    • avatar says

      Thanks once more.One more question: Can I modify my exam entry for F2 and F3 and register for two other papers still for the december 2014 session and take f2 and f3 through CBE in the coming months. That means I will end up taking 6 papers within 6 months, that is 2 in CBE and 4 in normal session. Is this possible?

      • Avatar of angele1 says

        Hi Bertrand, yes it’s possible to modify your exam entry for dec 2014. And yes, you can do 2 CBE + F4 and F5 in december 2014.

    • avatar says

      you answered your own question, as with all ACCA papers. you need enough time to cover all topics and practice and be comfortable in all areas and only you alone how much time you have to cover everything.

      what i can say is that the F7 paper covers a lot of info and you need a lot of practice for this one even more than the others (in my opionion)

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