Which is the best combination of ACCA Papers?

Many students have problems choosing which combination of ACCA exams to sit. We have conducted a survey, and over a 1,000 students participated.

Here are the results:

2 ACCA Papers – the best combination

2 ACCA papers best combination

2 ACCA papers

3 ACCA Papers – the best combination

3 ACCA Papers best combination


  1. avatar says

    Hello Mike,
    I registered for acca exams in dec 2009. Since then i didn’t participated in any exams due to workload and some other circumstances.
    Now i have a possibility to study (i have around 4 hours per day at my disposal for that).
    So, the question is: is it possible to pass all the exams during 4 years (what is the statistics?) And could you please advice on how it is better to organize the studies (exam combinations etc).
    Thank you a lot

    • Profile photo of kiunnim says

      I’m afraid as I’m not Mike. But, I can ease your concern regarding time limit.

      1. ACCA has changed the time limit so you don’t need to worry about it as long as you carry on the study.
      Take a look the link below,

      2. Regarding the time to be taken to become an affiliate and the combination of papers, I could say it varies according to knowledge, time spending for study and experiences that a candidate has.
      In my adventure, register for an exam and dedicate for the exam at least one every single exam period.
      I believe that ACCA wants to have more affiliates and members providing multiple choice questions for the fundamentals level, more chances to take the exams during the year and the expanded time limit which makes virtually unlimited.

      Buy a ticket to get to where you want go….

    • avatar says

      @Veronica if you have four hours per day for study then its a matter of you can breakdown that study time and how you learn.

      its normally recommend ans which i did is to sit two exams per sitting doing a computational with a theory so that you have a good mix. papers like F5 and P2 are usually 50/50 so you again it depends on your strengths and weaknesses.

      you didnt mention which papers you have done already assuming that you have not sat any papers as yet i would suggest the following:

      F1-3 do CBE taking a month to study individual papers and practice

      F4 and F5
      F7 and F8

      F6 should be done for a June sitting so it depends.

      Also you can take advantage of the four sitting a yr and do one paper per sitting minimizing your chance of failure. honestly you may now say you have 4hrs per day but when life intrudes that 4 is sometimes cut in half or less so you have to plan for that.

  2. avatar says


    I took F5 and F6 in Dec, I didnt pass F6 and was hoping to retake this alongside another paper in June 2015. I know where I went wrong with F6 (leaving it to late!), I did think there was a lot more to learn in comparison to F5. Please could someone advise the best paper to take alongside F6?

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        F7 and F8 are certainly a good combination so that effectively leaves you with Hobson’s choice of F6 with F9 in June

        Don’t underestimate any of these ACCA exams and remember that F6 has new rates when compared with the rates and rules that you studied last December

    • avatar says

      Why not do the resits for June especially since the Tax rules change this yr. and even though F5 will be a resit don’t under estimate it as many persons sit it over 3 times before passing so i would recommend going back and seeing where you were not clear and practice as much pass papers for both exams.

      then focus solely on F7 for September.

      • avatar says

        Thanks for the advice.

        I am currently re-thinking about F7 as I am feeling more comfortable with F6 now.

        What is if with F5 that people always pray that they clear it in the first sitting itself and I have seen that re-sits usually do not fare very well atleast till the second attempt.

    • avatar says

      P2 is a big paper and based on the comments here and overall difficulty I did it alone and passed first sitting.

      P1 and P3, i see where a lot of persons combine these two together and pass.

      I believe that you need to look at how much time you have to study and if you are good at written vs computation and take that into consideration when making up your mind.

    • avatar says

      I believe its best to know your strengths and weaknesses when deciding what papers to sit next sitting. i know when doing the fundamentals i only failed the written papers even if its by only 2 marks i never failed the computational papers even if it is just hitting it with 50 on the dot i never had to repeat those.

      knowing that a paper like P2 other than the 35 mark consol. the rest is mainly writing it means working twice as hard.

      I believe its best to sit a paper once and give it your all than attempt two and end up fail one. face it if the F papers where hard wouldn’t the P’s be harder.

      which is why i’m glad that ACCA will now have 4 sittings per year. gives me two months to study and one for revision.

    • avatar says

      That is a good combo as they both require mastering of the standards, however, you didn’t mention if you cleared P3 which you need to do since you cant skip it (at least not until September).

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        Yes you can – but it’s an additional expense :-(

        If you enter for P2, P3 AND P7 for June, but then only attend the exam hall for P2 and P7, then that’s how you can do P7 before you have even attempted P3

        But you waste the exam fee for P3

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