Which is the best combination of ACCA Papers?

Many students have problems choosing which combination of ACCA exams to sit. We have conducted a survey, and over a 1,000 students participated.

Here are the results:

2 ACCA Papers – the best combination

2 ACCA papers best combination

2 ACCA papers

3 ACCA Papers – the best combination

3 ACCA Papers best combination


  1. avatar says


    I was wondering if somebody could help me. I planning to start ACCA course shortly, but not really sure how it works and which papers should I start with. Also I just finished foundation degree in finance and management so wondering if I still have to do all papers or I could skip some of them.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Profile photo of latoyah says

      so why do three one time? check to see if you can sit exams in September and break them down. do one each sitting none of these papers are easy and as a working mom who self-study i know how challenging it can be. each requires a lot of practice and knowledge best to give one your all than attempt three and fail. unless of course you are a genius!

  2. Profile photo of Raveen says

    Hi . Just started acca . I am exempted from f1 . thinking of doing f2-f3 in April. what would be the best choice for other two subjects, I was thinking f8 and f5 as my financial accounting isn’t the best. please give me some ideas.

  3. avatar says

    Hi People,

    I have my exam for F4 this Monday and hoping to pass. I wanted to know which modules would best to take next. I was planning on taking 1 module in June. I was thinking of either F8 as it wordier or F5 and it does not have the same amount of content in it as the other modules eg F6.

    What would people suggest? I was looking at the easiest possible module for June exam

    Thanks in advance


  4. Profile photo of pip says


    As there is an extra sitting in september, I was hoping to take two exams in June, one in september and one in december. I have to retake f6, but unsure which ones I should do alone and which is best coupled together.

    I am planning on sitting F6 – F9. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Profile photo of latoyah says

      since F6 is a retake i would suggest you do it with F9 for June and do F7 sep and F8 dec.

      Johns lectures for F9 are wonderful and should help a lot with loads of revision. since F6 is a retake you can give a lot of focus to F9, the tax lectures for june exams arent usually fully uploaded until april which may work in favor since everything will be fresh in your mind.

      and remember to key to passing any ACCA exams is practicing as much pass papers as you can get your hands on and reading the technical articles.

      • Profile photo of pip says

        Thank you for your reply. I was wondering is F9 similar in terms of workload to f6? F5 and F6 were my first exams as I was exempt from the others. My F5 was book was ‘smaller’ so wanted to know if f6 onwards are they all similar in workload. Hope that makes sense! Just thought if there are any exams with more content I could do it when I am only taking one exam.

        thank you for your advice!

      • Profile photo of latoyah says

        the other two are bigger and best done on there own.

        F9 requires you to master – NPV, WACC, CAPM and working capital management mainly (this does not mean that the other areas aren’t important), if you look at past papers you see the pattern of questions asked.

        F7 and F8 deals with the standards so will require a lot more time (this is my opinion).

        a good way to help decide other that looking at the pass papers and the syllabus is to drop by the OT forums and look at what other students have to say about the papers.

  5. Profile photo of adnan says

    hi mike,

    i want to write 3 papers in June 2015 from f5 to f9.

    i don’t want to write f6 now, what should be the best choice for me? i was thinking f7, f8 & f9 but i would like your suggestion?

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