Survey Results: Which Factors contributed to your success or failure in the June 2013 ACCA exam?

We have the results of the latest survey: Which Factors contributed to your success or failure in the June 2013 ACCA exam?

Please note: the survey did not check if students were taking the exam first time or retaking.

The results are what opentuition students voted in the survey, we have no ability to check their results!

General overview and what were the most popular study options.


Survey General results 1


Breakdown of how many exams student took in the June 2013 exams and how many were actually passed

Overall ACCA exams taken and passed

Here is similar comparison of students working full time and full time students

ACCA exams working vs full time student

The method of study for the exams and the success rate

ACCA method of study

Please note, distance learning and revision course only students – the data collected in the survey was very small in this breakdown

Number of months and weeks of study and the success rate

acca exams and days of study

Number of hours per day and the success rate

acca exams and hours of study


How students were prepared overall?

Over all state of preparation

Comparing Extremes

Breakdown of how students viewed how they were prepared and their results

we are comparing the extremes – students who were very successful passed all exams they took and students who failed all exams they took

so 4 x 0 = taken 4 exams passed  0 ;   4 x 4 = taken 4 exams and passed 4 exams, etc

Passed all is the average of students who passed all exams they took, Failed ALL (is the average of students who did not pass any exams)

ACCA state of Preparation


how long did you study

How many hours a day did you study


acca Mock exams


  1. avatar says

    I am currently attending classes for f9 however I have not started studying and I am already over whelmed I study better early in the morning but have been getting up too late to study just enough time to dress for work have not paid for exams as yet. i’m wondering if I will have enough time to complete the entire syllabus in 2 months or put it off for next year need some advice.

    • avatar says

      Hello sharlene17,
      I’ve been delaying studying for over 3 weeks. I also like studying in the morning better than in other parts of the day.
      I would recommend you to continue your studying. 2 months is the period of time that allows you to prepare well for an exam.

  2. Profile photo of Khalid says

    I started in Jan 2012, Appeared for 4 exams each session. Progress is as follows :

    June 2012

    F1 – Pass
    F2 – Pass
    F3 – Pass
    F6 – Pass

    December 2012

    F4 – Pass
    F5 – Fail
    F7 – Pass
    F8 – Pass

    June 2013

    F5 – Pass
    F9 – Pass
    P1 – Pass
    P3 – Pass

    So thats eleven down, with one fail and 4 exams each session. Just requires a LITTLE bit of commitment and its all very much possible.
    I am now appearing for P2 , P4 and P6 (UK). Hopefully will be an affiliate by Feb.

    Excellent representation of data by OT.

    TIP : Always read the latest OT notes, and you should be sorted.

      • Profile photo of Khalid says

        Thankyou so much for your kind comment, Estelle :)
        Nah, I dont really put in the effort that I should, though. I never leave myself enough time at the end for adequate Past Exam practice 😐

      • Profile photo of Khalid says

        Thankyou Sally ^^ :)

        F3 eh? what areas are you struggling with?
        No, dont shoot yourself. Lets put up a challenge eh? I say F3 needs only one week to ace. You in ? 😉

      • avatar says

        Welcome! 😀

        Mostly consolidation. But I admit it’s easy! Along with cashflows!I just need more practice. Plus embarrassingly it’s my second attempt! I really wasn’t prepared for it then :(
        Ohh heck yeah im in! 😀

      • Profile photo of Khalid says

        Dont worry about it. Happens, it does. I failed F5 too, right? Failed it @ 43%. The three I passed were marginal too. Worst exam session ever. But very next session, I managed to score 67% in F9 and a very surprising 74% in P3 ^^ Point being : Forget about the past, concentrate on now, and it’ll all turn out great, iA :)

        I was just going through the F3 syllabus and it surprises me to see they actually included standards at F3 level o.O Im just starting studies for P2 (Self studying this monster) so I guess we’re gonna have a real blast 😉

      • avatar says

        But I must say. It was an ABSOLUTE BAD FAIL! :(
        But yeah trying to forget about it..
        WOW MASHALLAH! You’re a genius 😉
        Yeah there are quite a few standards now. But aH very basic. Hahha yeah an absolute blast 😀

      • Profile photo of Khalid says

        Hey. Thanks :)

        I self studied F1-F3 , F5,F7,F9 & P1. I did take classes for the rest, which were 3 days a week. I also work as a freelance web designer (I dont go looking for work, just do what comes my way) as well as a volunteer at two charities.

    • avatar says

      You are a genius and an inspiration, one among the million. Sure you will be an affiliate in Feb,14. All the best.
      BUT what is the secret in passing f9 for the first attempt please help!!

      • Profile photo of Khalid says

        hey. Thanks alot for you kind words :)

        F9 is a fairly technical paper, but an interesting one nonetheless.
        Extensively practice the numerical parts, as for the theory , that’ll get done when youre doing the reading for the topics, provided that you read with the intent of learning the CONCEPT and not just the CONTENT.

        Good luck! :)

  3. Profile photo of Mahoysam says

    As for me, I honestly believe after experiencing the F5 exam that a very important factor of success is pulling yourself together in the exam! Don’t freak out! I freaked out seeing the first question, it was a whole big question which I knew I didn’t revise well, then I started checking out the rest of the questions and because of my first shock I felt like, I don’t know this, I don’t that and I don’t know these, I spent some good time just freaking out with a blank look at the question paper! but I obviously knew the answers because I passed! Now I look back and wonder what if I just got depressed and left the questions empty, I would have failed when I am capable of passing! Now I believe that having some confidence in the exam is REALLY REALLY important, just as important as studying and practicing questions!

    • Profile photo of Khalid says

      I agree with you. I was so sure I’d fail F5 once more (I failed it last time @ 43) since I had F9 , P1 and P3 along with it (F5.F9,P1 with self study) but I managed to clear it at 60% this time.

      Did you get stuck at the Decision Tree Diagram question? That was the first one, if I remember correctly. It was quite a weird DT diagram o.O I totally freaked at the variance question. But in the end, I solved it keeping in mind (and stating) 3 separate assumptions.

      Just followed Anne Irons’ tip of …. “getting something down on paper” … and it worked like a charm ^^

      • Profile photo of Mahoysam says

        Yes, it was the decision tree question! I studied VERY WELL the uncertainty topic but I thought the decision tree thing was stupid so I didn’t revise it, only to find it hitting my face as the first question! I am in general good at variance analysis but yes the question was not very typical variances, but anyways, I took Mr John advice to be honest, he always says (keep on going in the exam and write whatever you can and collect the easy marks) so what I did is that I still drew the tree (even if I made many mistakes, I am sure I got some marks) and just kept on going in the exam, I solved all the questions and I survived lol!

        I like your attitude towards the ACCA and how you are getting on with your studies. I also started in December 2012, I took 3 papers in that sitting (I would have taken 4 but I thought I should be reasonable or wise because I am a full time employee) and took another 3 papers in June 13 and thank God I passed all on first attempt, now I am attempting another 3 papers in December 13 (F7, F8 and F9) and hopping to pass! Wish me luck!


      • Profile photo of Khalid says

        Yeah, many people did not expect it. But here in Pakistan even students love speculating what they think will be tested in the exam. Someone suggested Decision Trees and Value of Perfect information just 2 days before the F5 exam, and I revised them in respectable detail. And the fact that DTDs were a part of the P3 syllabus also helped. Think that’s where I managed to pick up the easy marks. Oh yeah, Mr. John is doing a great public service here. Countless people make use of OT ^^

        Yeah, the examiners construct the exam keeping in mind that you are time pressured and they also check the exams keeping that in mind. So, it is of paramount importance that something is written down. I mean, they cant really award marks for a blank sheet of paper ,right?

        Thankyou :) Youve been passing in first attempts while being a full time employee? that is indeed commendable! Good luck for the remaining 3!! :) You may ask me anything regarding F7 and F9 (FM is the best subject in ACCA, in my opinion -FM , not AFM!!- I self studied that , and I had lots of fun doing it.) Ill be revising the basics in a few days, and a discussion will help ^^

      • Profile photo of latoyah says

        hi Khalid!

        any tips for F7 would be much appreciated. I think its one of the hardest one so far i think i found F5 and F9 easier. not sure if John has anything to do with that. but i’m finding it really hard applying what ive learnt from the lectures to the past papers and that is seriously messing with my plans to complete level two by december.

        F7 and F8 is dont seem to agree with me.

      • avatar says

        Hi Khalid i really commend ur effort and best of luck in the ur remaining papers.

        pls can u give me tips on how to pass P3, as i will be sitting for P2 & P3 this December. This is my 2nd attempt on P2.


  4. avatar says

    It is interesting to see the survey , however two key factors to success are a). good comprehensive (linked) study material and plenty more of Questions & Answers book that covers all the topics.

    • Profile photo of opentuition_team says

      I think it just means, people are more lazy when they are in college :) or think that ACCA exams are sp easy, so 1 paper should be walk in the park (but these are just my speculations..) maybe someone who did 1 paper in college and failed.. will speak out :)?

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