ACCA Paper P5 Examiners Articles

On this page are listed articles written by the examiner for ACCA Paper F5 – Advanced Performance Management. All are worth reading carefully in preparation for the examination.

You can access relevant ACCA the articles directly from this page.

Environmental Management Accounting (June 2004)

Just-in-time operations and Backflush Accounting (May 2004)

Management Control – a pre-requisite for survival (October 2004)

Contingency Theory:

There is no universal management accounting system appropriate to all companies.

The management accounting system needs to be designed specifically for the needs of

the company, taking into account: Environment; Technology; Size; Strategy; and, Culture.

Good Practice Question

Question 3 from ACCA Paper 3.3 December 2004 and Answer here

Beyond Budgeting (March 2005)

Budgeting takes up valuable management time, but budgets are rarely “accurate” and

serve to restrict managements ability to take advantage of situations as they arise.

Beyond Budgeting’ essentially involves measuring managers’ performance against other managers and/or against the performance of other similar businesses.

Good Practice Questions:

Question 5 from Pilot Paper

Question 3 from Paper 3.3 June 2005 and Answer here

The Pyramids and Pitfalls of Performance Measurement (September 2005)

Good Practice Questions:

Question 2 from Pilot Paper

Question 5 from Paper 3.3 December 2005 and Answer here

Business Strategy and Performance Models (April 2006)

Porter’s Five Forces Model

Boston Consulting Group Matrix

Ansoff’s Product-Market matrix

Economic Value Added (October 2007)

Asked in December 2007 exam (so very unlikely in June 2008!)