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    This is my last exam and I have been struggling with it for a while. You would think that after doing ten other exams I should be cool with it but I am not. Thank you very much, I needed to read this – nothing like good laugh to take the edge off. And it was so full of great advice as well.

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

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    I am preparing to write the f8 exam in December,2011.I have just read your exam techniques and I believe that if I apply these techniques given I will pass this subject.These techniques highlighted areas that i never thought of.Will inform you of my results when I receive them.N.B Having your lectures for the all of the ACCA subject structured like how F9 is structured ,where the lecture can be seen as well as heard provides a more class like setting and to me is more beneficial.You appeal both to the visual as well as the auditory process of learning

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    MY friend I am very happy to descover the open tuition I am confident that 95% of my studying problem will be solved. I am going to write paper F7 now in December 2010. All Students of this Paper are invited to Share Knoweledge with me.

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