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      It is difficult to recommend because everybody finds different things easy or hard.

      P5 follows on from F5 (but with a lot more writing and fewer calculations). P7 follows on from Paper F8.
      It really depends a lot on how you found F5 and F8 – it might be sensible to choose the paper that follows from whichever you found easier of F5 and F8.

      Also, have a look at the past two or three real exams for P5 and P7 (on the ACCA website) to get a feel for the level of difficulty.

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    I am very grateful that I have had a pleasure listening to all your F9 lectures. I have found them very helpful and thanks to you I better understand FM now. Sir, you are an exceptional example of what good teaching is. Thank you very much. Now, thinking of attempting P4! Best Regards,

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    Sorry I have a problem with example 1
    In the line ‘profit on futures’
    Where does the figure come from?
    Can anybody help me please?
    I’m rather confused by that calculation.

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