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    Sir, I just don’t understand one thing. While calculating the Financial Gearing for the second year we have used the figures 27500+1820 for equity. When Equity is Ordinary shares + other reserves, shouldn’t the retained earnings increase by $2463 (PAT 4508- Pref Dividend 225 – Current dividend 1820) and should the figure of equity for second year be 27500 + 2463?
    Thank you

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      Almost always the examiner defines it in the question.
      If he doesn’t then you can do it either way – they give different answers but you would get full marks for either (provided you interpret the answer correctly).

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    I have seen were the exam format for F9 as changed for 2014.The exam it seems will now have a multiple choice section for 40 marks.The current lectures and notes for F9 is structured to meet this component of the exam.Thank you for your previous quick and clear responses.Thanks for the good lectures.

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      The exam format does not change until the December exams.
      The June exams will remain in the current format.

      The syllabus is not changing for either June or December and so all the lectures and our notes are still valid.

      Obviously after the June exams, we will introduce questions covering both sections of the new format exam.

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    Sir if we consider preference shares as effectively long term liabillity and dividend paid on it as interest then should we not on that assumption include preference dividend in the interest cover ratias part of interest?

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    Dear John! Have a question that doesn’t relate to above pilot question but to Paper Dec 2009 Q3 A on theoretical ex rights price after the rights issue. In the answer, 50% of equity 6.5MN EURos has been divided by 1.3 to arrive to USD. Is this known mistake in the answer or I am reading something wrong? Thank you.

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    This is a brilliant example to reflect exam standard.If we can have bit more of these, that will be very much grateful.
    Tutor is absolutely awesome.Probably the best financial management lecturer to me.

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