Chargeable Gains: Companies – Chattels

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  1. Avatar of Leila says

    Mr. Tutor……I don’t understand the answer for the vintage car in example 2. I remember that it is exempt but how do I get those numbers in the answer key?
    Thank you!

  2. Avatar of Leila says

    mr. tutor……i don’t understand the answer about the vintage car. i remember from earlier chapter that it is exempt. Where do those numbers in the answer come from?
    Thank you.

  3. avatar says

    under chargeable gains, heading, “Other wasting assets(that are not chattels, Example 3, premium calculation, in the formula of P/L * (C-S),
    we’ve been ,ade aware that P=disposers period of ownership.
    In the question, the acquisition date to date of disposal(ie 1st Feb 2000 – 1st Feb 2012) is 2years but in answers it is 11yrs.Can you please explain to me

    • avatar says

      hi mate
      u are not calculating the years right, but i would not blame you as one can get easily confused. its feb 2000, not feb 2010 i.e. feb 2000, feb 2001, feb 2002 and so on. It will be 11years. :)

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