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    I am getting a different figure also – Total Profit (W1) – 53,818. I base this on Adjusted profit (89,000) minus Capital Allowances (W2) of 35,182.

    Total Income 53,818
    PA (9,440)
    Taxable Income 44,378

    32,010 x 20% = 6,402
    12,368 x 40% = 4,947
    44,378 = 11,349

    2012/13 – Actual = 3/12 of 53,818 =13,455
    2013/14 CYB = 53,818

    Overlap Profits of 13,455

    If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but that is what I get.

    What does everybody else’s figures show?.

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    Hi everyone – have now just seen your comments regarding example 9 in chapter 6 and have checked the errata sheet but you are right this error has not yet been posted which I thought it had been – I will amend the errata sheet today therefore! If you look at the F6 Ask the Tutor forum you will see my answer to this query when raised by “futurediva” about 2 weeks ago. Hope that this will resolve problem. I have not listened back to the lecture regarding the CO2 low emission level but 110g/km was the figure for last year so if I have said this in error during the lecture then again my apology as the correct figure for this year is of course 95g/km! If you find any other errors in the material please do let me know so that again we may continue to improve the material that you use – thank you and good luck in your exams!

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